Monday, January 22, 2007

Hornby Island in Chacala

This has been a year of Hornsby Islanders in Chacala. I have meet a bunch of very nice people from there this winter. I visited the Island about 10 years ago, and loved it there. Especially the pizza place. The owners are here now, and it's really be nice to get to know them a little and to meet other people from the Island. The only drawback is I think they brought their weather with them, because we are having another warm but dreary and overcast day here in Chacala. Supposedly it's going to break up tomorrow. I hope so.

On my last trip to Puerto Vallarta I noticed a nice change at the bus terminal. Some of the toilets there now have toilet seats. A lovely addition to an already decent bathroom. There is always toilet paper there, but not in the stall. You get it ffrom the big dispenser out front. 30 cents a visit.And a few not-so-nice changes at the Airport. There was no toilet paper in the downstairs bathrooms the day I was there, and the locks on the toilet stall doors have been removed. Very strange. Plus the airport magazine stands are no longer carrying the Economist, my favorite weekly. And my only print connection to the outside world. Oh well.

Last night I was hanging out at Las Brisas Restaurant with a nice bunch of people. Ramon, probably the best waiter/manager in the world was taking orders and generally being a great host.

Someone told me that the reasons there have been so many pelicans on the shallow water at the north end of the beach is because they are eating the baby turtles who hatch in the sand during the night and make their way to the water. And instead of swimming away, theybecome tasty little protein snacks for the pelicans. I hope it's not true, but it seems very possible. I have seen the little trails down to the water early in the morning before the tide comes in. Ugh!!!When I was riding home on the bus from PV, I started thinking about the oddest dream I have had since childhood. At first, when I was a child, the dream's setting was on the coast highway south of Ventura, CA. In the late 40's it was very close to ocean and occasionally the ocean came up on the road. My dream was always about that scene. Then, as adult, I started having dreams about another, similar looking lcoation. This was the highway between Brewster and Pateros, going south along the Columbia River in Washington State. The highway used to be right down along the river and the setting looked alot like the Ventura dream. I dreamed about that scene for a long time. Now I am having a new set of dreams. It takes place on the highway to P.V., between Brucerias and Sayulita, near San Ignacio. It looks just like the setting of the other two dream settings, but here there is no water, no river. It seems peculiar to me. The dream always has a air of danger, and I wake up upset. How's that for weird?Some very nice people from Washington are trying to set up a weekly time when gringos wanting to practice their Spanish, and local peple wanting to practice their English, can get together and talk to each other. At Koko Bongo's at 6pm this Wednesday night. I hope it clicks. It would be an easy way for people to get connected and to practice whatever language they are interested in.

More construction going on around Chacala. But many projects seem to run out of money before they are finished. Mostly of the time work continues the next year, but there are some half-built projectd around town that are slowly being covered with weeds and whatever.

Las Brisas is actively enforcing their "No Pet/NoMascotas" policy this year. Nice for those of us who don't enjoy pets in a restaurant, and difficult for pet lovers who like their pets with them and usually don't have anywhere to leave them. I guess the main problem with pets in restaurants is agressive animals and owners to don't clean up after their pets. Whatever.

My landlady told me she is having the building painted soon. The last time whoever bought the paint either didn't want to pay much or the painters diluted the paint with too much water. Because the first time it rained almost all the paint washed off the building. I will be interested to see what color it gets painted. She told me it was going to be white.Visitors to Chacala are bringing school, art, and craft supplies for the Kindergarten. Or for the afterschool program at the Bibliotecha. The Kinder and the Bibliotecha are two separate projects, so you can choose to support one or the other, or bring some things down for each program. Whatever visitors choose to do is good for the kids of Chacala.

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