Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chacala Kids at Work

Most of the kids in Chacala work part-time. This three year old is helping her aunt to open the souvenir store. She is removing the rocks that hold down the tarp surround the display are. No one asked her to, she is copying her aunt. Most kids work in their family business. Kids work in the stores, rental units, fish shop, restaurants, groceries and as fisherman. This 12 year old has a candy stand in front of his aunt's grocery store. His little sister is helping him with customers. The candy table is usually open on weekends and afterschool.Since they usually grow up in their families place of business, many kids grow up working without realizing they are learning working world skills. And they know where the money comes from and what you have to do to get money. Of course some kids don't do much work, especially some of the young teen-aged boys.

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