Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Big Waves in Chacala

Chacala has has some unusual weather lately. Lots of sunny and very warm days, with episodes of overcast. It even looked like it might rain a couple of times. I'm still wearing shorts and shirts day and night, but it seems different than usual.Today started hot and sunny. The nice warm sunshine, probably mid 80's, turned to overcast and threatening about 4pm. It's still warm and nice, but it's dreary looking. The waves have been big all day. Some folks who are staying upstairs at Concha's said they had just walked over to Las Cuevas, and that the waves seemed wild and they didn't go it. Of course, they are from Ottawa, so they may not have much wave experience. However, the waves are pretty big (for Chacala) right now. I took these photos from Majahua. You can't really see the height, but I wouldn't go out in play in those waves. But I can see there are a number of people still in the water. It's always alot calmer at the north end of the beach.

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PaulaC said...

Those waves look pretty big to me! I've gotten bashed by the waves in Barra de Navidad and Playa Destiladeros, and don't want to repeat the experience. Sure hope they calm down by Saturday when we arrive in Mexico.

Is a sweater at all necessary in the evening? Thanks Andee!
PaulaC in St. Louis