Monday, January 29, 2007

Inspired By Friends in Chacala

Some return visitors I especially like to be around arrived in Chacala about 10 days ago. They are a mother-daughter team. Adults. And really fun to be around. We finally spent some time together yesterday. It turned out they brought me a bunch of really great stuff: seven shirts that I really like, and that fit. And a bunch of really, really, delicious chocolates, and some Garden Design magazines. And a new (for me) magazine called "Conversations&Work" I think. It feels like a good Christmas or birthday.

I am amazed that Nicole could pick out so many shirts that I really like. She shops at a thrift shop in Oakland/Berkeley. I think it's called "Thrift Town". I didn't realize how predictable or obvious my preferences in shirts is. I guess I have a very boring, or maybe consistent, wardrobe.I am loving looking at the gardening magazines. The only ones I can find here in Mexico are really crummy, basic, and cheap. The nicer ones are from Spain, and they don't seem to have articles about tropical plants. I have been pouring over them all last night and this morning.

But the very best thing, of all the gifts, isn't a gift. It's a loan. I am reading a couple of issues of "work" (and another word I can't remember), published in Berkeley. This issue I am reading right now is written by ??? and refers to Christopher Alexander. Shoot. I can't remember his name. I think it's written by Galvin something.

The article is about figuring out about dwellings/housing/community/how people create spaces for living around themselves. That's a really poor description, but I will write more about it later, when I have re-read it. I am going to end up wanting to write more about these issues, because it's really on my mind.And one of the gardening magazine said that Portland cement is fine sand and crushed limestone. I am confused about that because I read recently that Mexico is the #3 or #4 producer of cement in the world. I guess that means there is lots of limestone here? Don't know, but I will research the topic more.

I am very curious about cement right now because I am thinking about doing a small project here with hyuper-tufa or whatever it's called now. Cement mixed with peat or fiber(glass) or perlite or whatever, instead of sand or gravel. So it's light enough to make movable objects with.When I came to Chacala I was thinking about doing some things and got kind of sidetracked. But one of the gardening articles was about Little and Lewis, on Bainbridge Island, and their beautiful work with cement. Making garden things. Plus Sheri brought a photocopied article on Las Pozas, a magical garden in the mountains between D.F. and the Caribbean. It's been at the top of my "must see in Mexico" list since I got here. But it's a long ways and I haven't wanted to spent the money yet. But I will probably go this April. Maybe.

Sheri was the one who brought down the gardening magazines, and a tee-shirt with her garden design and construction company's logo on it. And the "work" magazine. She also brought a great photo album of her garden in the hills above Oakland CA. In seven years she has created a really amazing lovely beautiful garden. I was really impressed. And I was impressed by her photos, taken with a regular film camera. Great shots. And she didn't take 50 photos to get one good one. She could really have fun with a digital camera, but she doesn't need one.
So, I have lots of inspiration this week. I am excited and feeling really motivated. To work on my garden at this house, and to keep growing new succulent plants from cuttings. And to come up with a little business plan for my project. And to keep reading. And to save money for a bus trip to Las Pozas. And to get rid of my worn-out shirts that keeping shredding while I am wearing them. Right now I have 11 good shirts. I love it. I feel rich, and I don't have to wash clothes quite so often. Of course, my shorts are disintegrating even as I write this. I guess I will have to buy some at the used clothing booths at the La Penita market. Maybe next month.

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John W said...

The names of some of the drinks in the liquor booth photo caught my eye. Vampiro? OK. Orgasmo? WHAT??

(Quick Google Mexico check.)

Ah! A mixed drink involving peach liquor. Well, different strokes...

And how about the red-on-pink hand-lettered sign that reads "Adios M----- F-----?"