Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lost in Chacala

I had a strange experience this afternoon, walking from my house to my landlady’s restaurant. There are three ( or maybe more) alternate routes. And today I thought I would try a little path my landlady had kind of waved toward yesterday, when we were out walking.

I found what appeared to be the start of a well-worn path just off the side of the road. Someone had stuck a branch between two strands of the barbed wire fence next to the road and I went thru the space. Only caught my computer/backpack on the barbs for a couple of seconds.
The path went into the bushes, and seemed to be heading into the area I thought was a flood plain/dry lagoon area this time of year. But as I walked thru a small wall of bushes I came to a nice grassy clearing. With a couple of beautiful big Gumbo Limbo trees. Trees I had never noticed from the road.

And a small hill with a rocky sort of cliff on one side. I had never seen before.
It was a very strange feeling. I couldn’t believe this space was right in the middle of Chacala, and that I had never noticed it before. I walked thru the little grassy meadow-like space, and walked backed into another shrubby area.Then I started noticing a lot of trash in the bushes, and by the time (10 seconds) I got to the next clearing I could see trash everywhere. Very disgusting.Then I walked by some more bushes and ended up at back of the restaurant, where my landlady has a small garden. And a toilet with a standing pool of black water behind it.Anyway, the next time I am on the hillside behind Chacala I am going to take a look around. And see what I can see.

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