Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kind of Peculiar Weather in Chacala

I think the weather Gods who are watching over Chacala are acting up. Again. Or maybe they are sick of seeing all the war activity on this planet. In any case, Chacala is getting some strange weather. It actually rained again last night, for the second time this winter. This is NOT the rainy season, and is not acceptable. Not acceptable to me anyway. Although the plants and trees seem to be enjoying the surprise.And right now, about 8pm Saturday night, it is sprinkling slightly. It's still warm. I am in shorts and a tee shirt. And it was in the mid/high 80's for the past few days. So who knows. It's kind of annoying though. I like blue skies and sunshine.

I have a new theory (new to me) that the most important thing about what you eat is if it was prepared for you by someone who cares about you and wants you have good food to eat.

I guess that includes when you are cooking for yourself. I am thinking of the difference between eating food cooked for you in a fast-food factory restaurant by people who probably could give a sh....I am thinking it must be better for us to have our dinners cooked by someone who seems glad to see you come, and knows you food preferences, and likes to joke and talk with you. And who cooks your meal just like you like it, and checks to see if everything is okay.

It was like that for me the other night (and always) at Tres Mars. The girl (of course, I can't remember her name right now) greeted me like a friend. She was standing next to the drink cooler and held up my favorite choices for me. The little house doggy comes running up for a bet. Then the waitress (still can't remember her name) came over and asked if I wanted a quesadilla with just cheese, or with pollo too. She already knew that I didn't want onions or cilantro. I like my quesadilla kind of overcooked, and that's how it came.

Marta, the owner of Tres Mars, came over to tell me some mutual friends, Lonnie and Carolina, are arriving on Thursday. She always hugs me, and I love her hugs. She hurt her knees falling yesterday, and had to show me her wounds.
I was at Tres Mas with some other gringos with a nice group of people, some of whom were here last year, or the year before. French, English, and Spanish (from Cuba) speaking. I have been having another physical complaint. An inflamed (torn rotor cuff) shoulder joint, which is really painful. This is Lupita, who works at her family´s grocery store in Chacala
My shoulder was one of the topics of conversation, and I ended up with some Celebrex, which really worked. And some suggestions, which also worked. Ice on the shoulder. And a wad of folded fabric in my armpit. All three of which worked wonderfully. I am almost pain-free. I can't believe it.

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cjg said...

soon you may bump into Stephen, who is coming down with Musa and Kate from WAY up north in Minnesota, near the CAN. border. He tore his rotator cuff and had surgery.
My wife and I spent much of last winter tripping around....Puerto Escondido, San Cristobal and San Miguel. Our blog is
Always looking for a hideaway that just right. Puerto was pretty close. I hope to visit maybe next Chacala next winter...and hear what my buddies think.
You're not the only one with weird weather you know. It's been in the 20's most of the doggone winter here. Many years ago that was 20 below. Very little snow. Had to cancel the big sled dog races AGAIN. And continuing blasts of cold and snow in the west and even, Arizona and Oklahoma.
Fun reading your stuff. I just love the Mexican culture.