Friday, October 13, 2006

Two by Two, in Chacala and San Miguel de Allende

Practice photos of pairs of people in Chacala, and a few in San Miguel.Polo and his wife Berta, the daughter of Salvatore, who is Chico's brother and Gracia's husband. They just built a new home on the lot where Gracia's home and Techos de Mexico rental stands.
Sarai and her daughter Crystal, a first grader in Las Varas. Saria teaches the adult education GED type class in Chacala. And was the President of the Kindergarten for the past couple of years.
Jhary and her son Daniel, in Tina's front yard.
Cheeto/Hector and his son, Hector Adrian, called Adrian.
Hugo and his little neighbor, Wendy, daughter of Jenna and Marcos.
Marcos is son of my beach camp landlady, Esparanza.
This couple are shopping at the tianguis in San Miguel de Allende. The gentleman saw me with the camera and waved for me to take his wife's photo.
I watched the tribal/feather dancers parade in San Miguel with these two women. And then followed them down to El Jardin. I bet the older one was in her late 70's, and they walked so fast I could hardly keep up with them. We sat on one of benchs at El Jardin and watched the whole world go by. I treated them to cotton candy, which they really really liked.
This is Butcho and Maria Palila in front of their homeplace in Chacala. They have flower gardens and a veggie garden (unusual in Chacala) and dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, a bunny, and many birds.

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