Friday, October 13, 2006

Things Started Looking Up for Me in Chacala

I guess my blues are getting washed away by the torrential downpours here in Chacala. Yesterday I thought maybe the rainy season was over, but last night we had a huge rain, thunder and lightning storm for hours. And now, starting just after dark, we're having another very heavy rainstorm. And the power is fading away. But I can still see the keyboard, so it's okay.

Well, thanks to an email from someone who reads this Blog, I now know what was wrong, is wrong. I think I am in caffeine withdrawal from not drinking Cokes. I have the symptoms, which I now recognize from previous efforts to withdraw from caffeine. Thanks Beverly.

I had a small string of visitors this afternoon, which seems to have distracted me from my gloomy mood. I think this is the first time since I came to Chacala that I have feel down for more than a half hour or so.

Anyway, one of the visitors was Jose Pilar, who told me he is a half brother to Clemen and Baldo (?sP) and the son of Tina, who some people might remember as the orange juice lady. And that he is married to Gloria, whose family at the Tres Hermanos restaurant. I might have misunderstood. Actually, it's very likely I misunderstand some of our conversation, but I think he said they had already sold the double lot the restaurant is on and that a big restaurant will be built there. But who knows if I got that right or not.

Anyway, I had seen him around town and didn't know his name or his family. But he was very personable when he arrived at the door, actually the patio. He introduced himself, and said he had some lots he was helping friends and family to sell. (Or maybe some of the lots belong to him.) Lots in and around Chacala.And he thought that since I knew (according to him) lots of (insert "rich" here) gringos, maybe I could let them know that he could help them find property here in Chacala. A regularized lot. That means the title is clear and you can get a fideioco.... whatever. A bank trust on these lots. Which is necessary in Mexico if you want to buy on lot within about 30 miles of the ocean and aren't a citizen. Or your wife or husband isn't a citizen.

Anyway. He said there was a level lot near the Muelle, and a couple of lots up behind Clemen's house, one or two rows back and uphill from the paved road. And I think another lot in town.

His name is Jose Pilar, and his phone number is 011 52 327 219 4003 from the U.S. If he doesn't answer his wife Gloria will answer. I don't think she speaks English, and he definitely doesn't. I am not particularly recommending dealing with him. I am just passing the message on. It's an option. I don't know him at all. There is also Rod, who is a Spanish and English speaking guy from San Diego, who had been here for quite a long time and has a website

It's not that I care for the whole development thing, but if you going to buy you might as well know some of the options. I suppose.

Beto and Aurora came up this afternoon, and Beto sprayed for the horrible ants for me. He also discovered more scorpions hanging around on the outside walls. Ugh. We made some jokes about the fit I thru when I first came to Chacala. I discovered Aurora had sprayed my room with some horrible chemical (knowing I didn't want her to spray). And now, here I was, asking
Aurora if Beto would spray for me. I was a fool. My only excuse is I had never lived anywhere buggy before. Not like Chacala during the rainy season, anyway.

We drank Cokes (well, I am only drinking lemon/water right now) and ate cacahuates/salted peanuts and gossiped for awhile. Aurora and I went over her pages on this website and the Chacala Budget Rental page too. This was the first time she had seen the listings for her competitors (actually friends and in-laws) and she was very interested. I think this was the first time she understand how it was people were writing me about her rentals, and Concha's, and Mirador, and Socorro, and etc. She suddenly got interested in me taking more pictures.

It's funny sometimes, or not so funny, I guess, when I assume Aurora, or any other the landlady's understand about the website. I am going to show Socorro the pictures of her place tomorrow. Partly so she can see what potential rentors see. And partly because, of course, the ladies here all talk to one another. So if I do something for one, it's better to do sort of the same thing for everyone. Like sharing plants, and finding renters, and looking at the computer photos.The rain is fading away, but the electricity is on about 1/5th power, so I am using a flourescent bulb in a lamp and it seems to be doing okay. With everything else in the house turned off.

Aurora and Beto and I walked down to their house, carrying her new plants. The big contractor trucks were all leaving the gated community. Monster gravel trucks going by us at about 60MPH on a tiny curvy road. Idiots!!!

Walking home I went by the Church, noticing the lights were on. It was Chata and three of the kids studying their Catechism to be ready for whatever rites will happen on San Rafael Day, October 24th. He is the patron saint of Chacala. It's a big big deal around here. The town is divided into neighborhoods with team captions in charge of collecting 100 pesos from each household to finance the event. I have no idea if Chacala people use those labels (like Team Caption) or not. I do know that Gabi, Beatriz's husband, is who came to my house, and who I am supposed to pay. And there are other people collecting money too. I am broke so I am paying on Wednesday. He said that would be okay.

The other years San Rafael's Day has been celebrated with a procession, a Mass, a giant fish barbeque potluck, blessing of the boats out on the harbor, and a big dance on the basketball court at night. I don't know if it makes a different that it will be a Tuesday or not. The dances here are really cool. I can't wait to take photos. There are some great dancers here. People you would never imagine would be out their dancing with their wives. Girlfriends. Whatever.
Went by the Primaria on the way home, and saw the new posts for the basketball hoops being worked on. 15 observers and three workers. But everyone looked like they were having fun.
this photo is one of the older posts being deconstructed.


myahspirit said...

I love your pictures.
I had to change to diet sodas. I am a pepsi drinker, but am drinking the cheaper version from sam's club. I also try to drink caffen free. You do go through a moody time when you cut out the caffeen.
Wish I could help you in some way but I feel that once you get moved closer to the beach you will feel better.

Gretchen said...

Hi Andee,
I am glad you are moving into better days..... I guess we all have those down modes and you know also that there was just a large full moon, one of the more powerful ones of the year.. that can create some strong mood swings. I know, I work in a high school!!!
I adore your blogs and the pictures on this last one are wonderful I love the little blue turtle and iguanas... GORGEOUS.

Gretchen said...

Hi Andee,I am glad to see your mood is evening out..... perhaps that full moon we just went through played a role too... it was a fairly powerful full moon... your pictures are lovely, especially the little blue turtle and iguanas.....
Loving your daily stories.....