Sunday, October 22, 2006

Life as an Unpaid Rental Agent in Chacala

These Chacala girls are checking out their outifts for their big show on Tuesday,
the night of final San Rafael celebration,.

I think I have mentioned before that I have a blog with photos of almost all the rentals in Chacala, with photos, contact info, rates, descriptions, location etc. It's called Chacala Budget Rentals (

It's a service (no cost to rental owners or renters) I offer because (1) it's usually fun for me and (2) it's kind of a payback for the wonderful life (most of the time) I am enjoying here.

I have had email interactions with many different people. Almost all of them seem to be nice people, looking for the right place for their vacation or visit. All of them, that is, except for the 1 in 7 emails from spammers. And I have made real friends with people thru doing rentals with them.A new "restaurant" set-up Saturday morning in front of a house
across the street from the Primaria playground.

First day of the chicken-killers and their gambling arena. I didn't go down to check it out last night, but I suspect there were alot of people there, mostly from Las Varas and other local towns. The people running the show were not from Chacala, and probably not even local. Ugh!!!

So, if you are looking for a nice basic rental with kitchen on the patio and a private bath for $150 pesos a night (13.50US) write me a note. The open dates, right now, are in February.
She also has an opening for December and early January. There are photos of Socorro's further down in this blog. I think it's titled "Socorro's". And on the Chacala Budget Rental site.

To change the subject, I get about five or six spammers a day, pretending to be looking for a rental. They are usually really obvious, but not always. Apparently they are trolling for valid email addresses.This guy was one of the three ice cream sellers in town from Zualcupan yesterday. Unfortunaley the weather was dreary and overcast, and there were hardly any tourists.

I also get emails from people who (as it gradually becomes clear) are only fantasizing about living in Mexico, and apparently have no intention of renting, and seem to have plenty of time to ask endless questions about the rental and Chacala, etc. Oh well.Dona Lupe, owner of Fonda de Lupita restaurant,
and the Dona Lupe: Techos de Mexico rental unit,
embroiders alot while she waits for customers with her daugher, Blanca.
We are having another very, very overcast day, apparently because tropical storm Paul is out over the ocean somewhere, heading for Baja. Very gloomy.


macmember said...

Don't let the "nutty ones" get you down! I think what you do for these people is great. All that matters is that THEY know what you really do for them. :) I hate Tightwads and Bullies, I hope they don't even rent to her at $13.50 if she calls back.

La Gringa said...

How ridiculous. Someone will spend hundreds of dollars on travel and then worry about $4 a night on a $13 room? Jeesh! Some people just try to take advantage no matter how good a deal they are getting!

I guess you are talking about cock fighting? I can't even think about that now that I have my two little chickens.

Never having been around chickens before, it's so interesting to me how protective Ramón is over Ramona, even at his young age.