Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chacala Kids Collecting Plastico

Early this morning, a Saturday, I was washing clothes on the front patio, and I heard the sound of kids' voices out on the road. I walked down, with my camera, and found about 20 kids, under the strict supervision of La Jefa, Vicki, and the careful eye of the Traffic Supervisor, Concha. They were unloading all the plastic bottles they have been collecting around town. The staging area for the truly giant bags of plastico is right across from "my" driveway. The bags were piled in the "town land", at the corner, but they are preparing to build "La Clinica" in that area, so everything is kind of tidied up, including the bags of plastic.Last year the Chacala kids won $10,000 pesos and the white pickup shown in these photos. The truck now makes trash rounds almost everyday, which has made a huge difference in the trash situation around town. It's hard to believe how the trash consciousness has changed in just three years.
I am curious if they are collecting plastico because they are hoping for another contest, or it's just for "fun", or someone "from above" told them to, or what. I will probably never know. there are many mysterious forces and powers in Chacala, and I don't have a clue about most of them.
I don't know where this little girl lives. I have only seen her at "events", like Markito's birthday party. Usually I know where most Chacala kids,live, and who their family is, but not in this case.
This one of the KokoBongo daughters,
maybe the one who got married this summer.
This is Gabi, son of Beatriz and Gabi, and one of my favorites.
He was the most wonderful facial expressions.
Concha was serving as the Traffic Watch,
keeping the kids safe, and making lots of jokes.
This is Jamie, a wonderful young man, who is intent on learning computers and English, and supporting himself and helping his grandparents. And he is a photographer, in case you need any photos taken around town, he can send you photos via the internet.
From the left is Jessica's brother, and Gustavo, son of Trini and Cundo and Gabi, son of Beatriz and Gabi.
Jamie and the giant trash/plastico bags.
Viki, laying down the law.The boy on the right is Pati, the massuese's boy.
Leaving, after a productive morning's work.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the comments on the Desert Rose. I wonder why they are so much more expensive here. When I asked the man at the viveros about them he said "en el sol, no mucho aqua". I am still thinking about it, it's alot of money, if I kill it on the other hand it's soooo pretty, varigated flowers (red/rose and white) and also varigated foliage.

Bound for Ceiba said...

What kind of plastic were the kids collecting?

Have you heard about this guy who started making buildings out of sand-filled plastic soda bottles? He did some projects in Mexico, so I thought of that immediately when I saw this post...