Friday, October 20, 2006

Construction in Chacala

From my point of view, Chacala is being overrun with truckloads of construction workers, trucks filled with construction materials, and ........ Not counting the gated community I think there are more than 17 construction crews working around town right now.

I guess I am always kind of afraid of change. And I am really starting to dread the kind of mindless, greedy change, that is gearing up in Chacala. It seems like there are a few people who are paying attention to the impact of their projects on their neighbors, the town of Chacala, and the environment. And a bunch of people, both Chacaleans, and other people from Nayarit, and people with money from both Mexico and the U.S., and Canada who aren't. It's pretty scary. Right now, the paved road below the new hotel, is being torn apart. Mostly by the very heavy construction trucks speeding up and down the road to the gated community. And partly because of other factors, like it being a cheaply built road built by a crooked govenor. And the constant overflow of spring water from under the hotel's parking structure running down the road most of the time. Plus the run-off from other natural springs running down the road during the rainy season. Actually, having a torn-up road is a good thing. Slows down the giant trucks to 50 mph instead of 70mph.Edsel's old place, above, with a new unit underneath. It looks like a rental, but it's pretty dark.
Right now, according to current gossip, and my observation, a lot of construction is going on in Chacala.
1. I think there are currently 6 home building or home addition projects are currently being worked on around town.Another ugly concrete bunker three stories high,
being built between Gordon's and the sea
2.And 12 rental unit construction projects with crews actually on-site.
The orginal Casa Azul, with a new paint job, and some updating.
3. Plus the on-going 200 truckloads of whatever: workers, materials, construction equipment, etc etc etc going in and out of the gated community every day.
A home being built on top of the hardware store, with a 3rd floor patio
4. Plus a real estate office and and then a restaurant building being built so that you can't see or reach the beach.
5. There are also maybe 12 construction projects that have not been abandoned, but have run out of materials, or labor, or whatever, and are just sitting there. Including the concrete- bunker restaurant blocking the beach, and a bunch of rental projects.
6. Laura de Valle, owner of Mar de Jade, confirmed to me that she has applied for permits to build condo, or rental units at Mar de Jade. Between the creek bed and Majahua's beach club. It's a little hard to picture, but it doesn't sound good to me. The gossip had said 45 units, and when I asked her about her plans, mentioning 45 units, she didn't correct me.

I am finding this all kind of overwhelming.

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