Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Travels with Markito, and his Primo

This is Marcos, called Markito. He is just turned 3 years. I have known him for almost a year, because his regular home is a house on the beach, and last winter he visited me every day.

Yesterday he and I walked around town together, while I took some photos. Our first stop was the tienda, where he chose a packet of Cheetos for himself, and some caramel popcorn for his mom. He always gets something for his Mom too, when we go to the tienda together.
Our next stop was at Markito's cousin's house. Actually, Adrian is his second-cousin from the gringo point of view, but in Chacala those fine details aren't important. They are the same age, in the same family, and I guess that's the main thing.Markito loved Adrian's new little moto-car, and Adrian generously let him drive it, and even gave him some pushes. Downhill. Although they have known each other all their lives, I think they are just getting to the age where they can play together. I love Adrian's little face. He is a wonderful observor, always watching to world go by.
When Adrian noticed Markito's Cheeto's he looked hard, but didn't ask. And Markito struggled, I think, and then offered him some.
Notice the sprayer, full of some horrible chemical, right behind them. There seems to be absolutely no awareness here of the toxicity of these herbicides and pesticides that are used freely here. No protection. No awareness that just because the liguid is clear it isn't safe, and you can't use a cup or spoon from the kitchen to stir it up. It's very frightening to me. However, no one that I know of has died immediately, right here in Chacala, from chemical exposure. At least as far as I know. Maybe people are more careful than I think.
I took some photos of the house next door while the boys played. They are both very sweet with each other. Adrian, in particular, has always been very aware of the people around him, reding their faces, and observing them. I have been aware of him since he was a few months old. He has such a special little face.
Markito and I headed down to the Playa, and when he saw the boats lying on the beach, he when wild with excitement. Shouting "Panga, panga", which is what these little fishing boats are called, he ran over to them. He needed help getting into the boat he chose. I don't know if the boat belonged to his Dad or Uncle or Grandfather, but he seemed right at home.
He wanted to check the motor, which was covered with a tee shirt, and then decided to climb up to the front instead.
On the way home we stopped at the Kinder, where Markito now goes to school in the morning. There are only four Kinder-age kids this year, so they opened it up to 3 year olds too. So now it's for kids ages 3-6. The six year olds are only in Kinder if their birthday was to late in go to 1st grade. You can't see the new building in this photo. It's on the left.

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