Saturday, October 21, 2006

Volleyball, Dance Routines, and Cock Fighting, in Chacala

All kinds of thing are going on around Chacala right now. Besides construction, and school, and rain, and heat, and humidity. And lovely, cool evenings spent visiting with friends, or whatever.

The young guys are practicing volleyball every night on the Primaria playground. I guess there is some kind of tournament as part of this week's activities.A bunch of younger girls and boys are practicing dance routines on the playground every afternoon, under the direction of Chelo (sp?), and supervision of Baylin. I think they will be putting on a show for the town this weekend.
Every morning and evening (5am and 5pm), there is a service at the Church, and a walk around town, with flowers, and a special San Rafael banner, fireworks (morning and night) and church bells (5am and 5pm).Some of the newly named neighborhoods (mainly organized by new street names) are making paper decorations to string across the street, and to decorate the houses. It looks great.And the Church is getting more new windows. It looks like they will slide to open. And maybe the top parts will be left open. It gets very hot in that building, and even six or eight fans don't really help, so....The only event that doesn't thrill me, is someone is setting up an arena for cockfighting this weekend. Right uphill from Tres Mars. It's disgusting. I won't even say "From my POV". It is just disgusting. Training chickens to fight undo death. So people can gamble. Lovely. People around town are almost as shocked that I don't appreciate cock fighting as they are when I say I am not a Catholico.

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