Thursday, March 30, 2006

Changes in Chacala

The biggest news in Chacala today is that the ditch for the new water line is moving rapidly towards Chacala. It has reached the first intersection as you arrive in today, just past Casa Chacala. I don't know where the water will be coming from, but the ditch runs almost all to Chacala from somewhere near Las Varas. I have seen some white water pipe lying along various sections of the ditch, but don't really know what's happening. It looks like some of the ditch at the LV end is now filled in. I have been told the waterline will be attached a well near Las Varas.

A couple of days ago Guillermo (the head of the Chacala Water Board) was out near where the beach road leaves the paved road, talking with the guys with the ditchdigging machines. Everyone is exciting and no one seems to expect there really to be water. Also, some people are worried about all the water pipes around town leaking all the new water away. Who knows. As far as I know everyone in town has been buying water for months. Except the Marina Chacala people who seem to have a salty water well. But I am not sure about that.

Tres Hermanos restaurant and the Guadalajara Posada are both building additional rental rooms at their locations. The new room (#9) at Las Brisas looks almost completed. The two rooms being built on the left as you first come into town on the paved road (owned by Augustine) is looking very nice. Not completed, but nice. You can see them from the beach.

Yesterday Lola, who owns or manages the Seashell Motel (used to be the Kenna), across the street from the beach, gave me a nice tour of their six. Very nice. Clean, tiled, nice baths, TV with cable, and air conditioning. Lola said they have hot water. the rooms have either two double beds or a double and two twins. Nicely decorated. $50 US a night, more during Semana Santa. I guess the high price is because it's near the beach. The various Techos are between $25 and $40 a night for much nicer rooms with patios and kitchens (but no TV or aircon). One or two blocks from the beach. In the past I have noticed that most of the renters have very large families. There is an open grassy area in front of the rooms, but no patio furniture, etc. During Semana Santa the yard is filled with campers. No kitchens. Very pleasant rooms, each with a large window in the front of the unit and a small venilation window in the baths. Nice location for people with a bunch of kids who want to be right near the beach, but noisy location.

The noise of construction continues at Casa Azul. Mar de Jade has a large yoga group in this week. Last night they had a very noisy party with very loud music. First time I ever heard music from the south end of the beach. The party ended early. The new spa at Majahua is getting a lot of visits from Chacala visitors. Lots of people coming to check it out. It is so beautiful it is getting alot of word of mouth attention.

There are still some yachts/power boats/catamarans in the bay, but most have headed north or south. We had a busy week with about 12-15 boats an night for the past couple of weeks. The boat people mostly congregrate at Las Brisas and visit with each other. One exception to that was Valerie, who visited via boat last winter and ended up staying for weeks and weeks. She and her partner made day trips all around the area, via bus and taxi. It was nice to see how curious they were about Mexico and this area.

The motor homes are almost all gone, five are still here now (and they have been here all winter) and the rest seem to be packing up to leave town (and Mexico I think).

There was a meeting of the cuesto (shop) people yesterday afternoon. I asked the people in the next space what the meeting was and they said it was a "junta de el syndico", which probably sounds more omninous that I heard it. I pictured a Mafia group or union heavies, but it looked like mostly people from around town. Another example of my not knowing what is going on and making up my own explanation, not based on any particular facts. I asked someone later how often they met and she said, all the time. Talking talking talking, doing nothing nothing nothing.

Yesterday we, Esparanza, and her two daughter-in-laws and I, and all the babies went to dig some more dirt from the nearby (dry) streambed. The wheelbarrow was filled with nice rich looking dirt. We are still accumulating and sharing plants about every other day. I am catching a ride to the vivero, nursery, in La Penita today, looking for some more succulents. The plant lady (who drives around in a pickup) came by Monday and I got a couple of nices plants for 1.50US each. Each plant had three little plants in the pot, so they were easy to share.

If you are thinking of a long stay in Chacala during May thru October, check out pictures of the rentals in Chacala. Several places are offering monthly rates this summer, including Casa Pacifica, the Techo de Mexico units of Aurora, Beatriz, Laura, and Gracia. Actually quite a few rentals offer monthly rates in the summer, including Paul's, Socorro's, and La Sirena.

Take a look (the address is and contact the owners or go to alatawah (at) for more info. Use the symbol @ instead of (at) when emailing. I am trying to avoid spammers, at the advice of KK.

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