Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Semana Santa is Coming to Chacala

People in Chacala are working hard getting ready for Semana Santa. The little cuesto (?) stands are getting spiffed up with paint and new roofs, and people are starting to move stuff it.

More ramadas for camping are goinging up along the beach. This weekend was a practice run for Semana Santa I think. It was a four day weekend, with the birthday of Benito Juarez and the first day of Spring. Lots and lots of people. The people camping around me were nice families that went to bed early, or at least were quiet. No loud radios and lots of nice people to visit with and talk to.

I spent a lot of time sitting with my landlady, Esparanza, while she collected money from people using the toilets and showers. She told me lots of new gossip (new for me) and about the good old days, other stuff. Nice times for me. The kids have be doing clay (plasticine) with me and making stuff with sea shells. Pretty fun.

Nice relaxing days with no particular agenda. Usually I go walk around town just before sundown, delivering messages, making arangements about rentals, buying garbage bags for the trash I pick up on the beach everyday, visiting with people, etc. I can't remember if I mentioned how nice Chico's looks with a new yellow paint job inside. And lots of tidying up going on. Very nice. The bar looks great too.

Las Brisas continues to be the restaurant of choice for people who want to hang around with other English speaking visitors. There have been about 10 yachts (and power boats) a night in the harbor, with most of them leaving in the morning. It looks like most of them are heading north. I like watching them motor out, and then get under sail. The sails look so beautiful, billowing in the wind, catching the sunshine, gliding thru the water.

There is alot going around town that I am not catching up on because I spend most of my time on the beach. I do hear lots of gossip that is probaby incorrect. Like the gated community was just bought Japanese investors, etc.

The town is selling special Chacala trash cans. I am not sure what the deal is, but they kind of pivot in a stand and look nice.

After some motos (4 wheel noisy, smelling little machines) were von the beach on Thursday night and Saturday am the town enforced the State Transito Police rules about no vehicles on the beach, and we had a nice quiet weekend. Except for the ever-annoying Jet-skis. I can't wait until someone puts sugar in their gas tanks or cuts them loose. It amazes be how inconsiderate some visitors, particularly regarding Jet-skis and motor bikes. One of the Jet skis just missed two young swimmers who were playing in the waves on Sunday. Just missed. People in the water started screaming and yelling at the driver, but he circled back and did it again. Very weird. If they don't ban Jetskis from Chacala, maybe they could insist they stay beyond the buoy or go over to Chacalilli. I know, always complaining.

For the second time I heard one of the guys from the US who is building here talking about the restuarant he is apparently building a disco. I don't know if he is kidding or not. Just what Chacala needs, loud music during the night, provided by someone looking to make the big bucks. I hope I misunderstood what he said or his intentions. You never know in Chacala. Something different everyday.

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