Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chacala from the Sky

A guy who posts on the Lonely Planet Thorntree message board sent me a picture of Chacala from the sky that I really like. I think it was taken by someone named Katie from SF. But then I couldn't move it over to Blogger. I will try again later.

When I was in Las Varas a few days ago I was in a little store, a grocery, and as I was waiting to check out I looked up and realized they had a functioning security camera, in full color. Really surprised me.

Then I had another surprise when I was going thru the clothing in one of the used clothing booths at the Friday street market in LV. A bunch of the clothes had Value Village (a big US chain of thrift shops) tags on them. I asked Jesus, a former neighbor in Chacala, whose wife runs the booth said someone in his family ships the stuff down, or brings it down from the US. I guess I should have realized that the clothes I see in the booths came down in bulk lots, and were not donations from visitors or something.

Anyway..... another beautiful day with whales swimming by. about 70 degrees F at 6am and about 82-84 mid afternoon. Lots of sun and a nice breeze off the ocean. The are about 20 motor homes around town and five "yatchies". I am computing from Majahua and five of the boat people are here enjoying the view, having a drink, and sharing stories about this and that.

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