Monday, March 06, 2006

Chacala Thoughts

I have been thinking alot about what it's okay to write about on this blog. Particularly when some of the people that read it are interested in coming to Chacala and making decisions about where to stay, etc.

I know I do some self editing, and also that some of the things I write are only my opinions and my reality (and that sometimes I probably present my version of reality as the "Truth").

And sometimes I make mistakes, or have a very different view of reality in Chacala than some other people.

It's hard to know what's okay to write, and what's destructive or not nice or something.

I have gotten pressure (I guess that's the right word) from a couple of rental owners about what I have commented on. In both cases I mentioned something negative that I had personally experienced/seen. And I know other times I may have made mistakes or assumptions that were wrong, or misunderstood something. If I find out I erred I try to correct what I said as soon as I realize I misunderstood a situation or whatever.

But when I saw something with my own eyes, and know it was something I would want to know about when I was making my decision about where to stay in Chacala, I usually feel like telling it like I saw it. Which does not go over well sometimes.

Sometimes I am torn between wanting to please people I like and respect here, and wanting to share my experience and observations here. Maybe it's feeling toward between loyalty to people I like who live here, and a desire to provide as accurate information about rentals, etc here in Chacala as I can.

I have decided to be really, really be careful and make sure I know what I am talking about before I make negative comments about rentals. And I am going back and reviewing what I have written before in order to update any changes or improvements or correct any errors.

It's another beautiful day in Chacala. Whales were out this morning. The water is perfect. Sunny and high seventies about 10am. Another perfect day in paradise. More or less.

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