Friday, March 24, 2006

Chacala and Sunshine

The whales are still around. Saw a couple of little ones this morning. The sun was out at 6am and I wore shorts and a tee shirt all day. Cooked breakfast, washed some clothes by hand, drew for awhile, read in the hammock until the sun was too strong. Drew some more and talked with visitors. Moved my potted flowers out into the sunny part of my "yard".

Onto some gossip. There is a new teacher at the Kinder, at least for the moment. Trini and I walked over there last night. The new room looks great. The desks and shelves are nice too. I am not sure what will happen with the old room. For now, it looks like storage.

Om, sister of Jose Enrique and Laura de Valle, is building a restaurant, designed by Jose Enrique, kind of behind the old stone pillars right above the little boat beach. The pillars that have the figtree vines wrapped around it. It looks to me like the new construction is not touching the old pillars. A couple of the old pillars are leaning over, have been for quite awhile. Having the restaurant may save the pillars. Some people are upset about the construction, but I don't know the whole story. I know that when there is a public debate about something people always have private agendas, usually different from the ones they voice in the public debates. And I don't have any idea what the underlying issues are on this topic. Lalo seems to be leading (?) the way.

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