Sunday, March 19, 2006

Chacala Sunday

Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. Warm and comfortable at 6am. Lots of people on the beach and swimming early in the morning. Some more families moved in last night, one with a yapping dog. Ugh. But otherwise things quieted down early and I slept well. This morning the three grandpa/brothers and their kids left. I was sorry to see them go. The men were in their 70's maybe, and very polite and humorous. Two spoke English and had lived in the US, so we had lots of funny joking around. The family that spent the afternoon yesterday next to my camp were alos very fun to be around. Invited to share their delicious fish and I let them cool some beer in my refrigerator. Nice family. Nice kids. Don't know who will be here today, but it will probably be fun.

I am still having zipper problems, but the solution seems to be on the way, with replacement zippers coming via my son. I think i will try gluing, rather sewing them in place. Finally found some more small propare cylinders for my stove, at Mega. 50 pesos each. Ugh.

Lots of sand fleas on the beach and I am scared they will get into the tent.

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