Tuesday, April 04, 2006

End of the Chacala Gringo Tourist Season

I haven't walked down the beach to check, but I think all the motor homes from the US and Canada have pulled out or will be leaving tomorrow. There was only one boat (power) on the water this am and it left. Three sailboats arrived mid-day but they will probably be gone in the morning. More preparations are being made for Semana Santa, including roping off various areas for individual's camps and booths, doing some sprucing up and getting various shower/toilet facilities in order.

The ditch for the new town water system has made it all the way into town. don't exactly understand how it will work.

Jose Enrique turned me on to a new author/thinker a few days ago. New for me, I mean. The book is "Plan B" by Lester Brown. I have been reading excerpts and listening to videos by him on my little computer. If you google Lester Brown you will find all kinds of interesting articles, etc. I had just finished reading Jared Diamond's "Collapse" and his thinking fits right in. It seems he is trying to offer a way to save ourselves on this planet. Good luck. Most people I run into down here (from the US/Canada) don't seem to give a shit. Many can't even be bothered to pickup the trash right around. Anyway, good reading and he does try to offer a plan.

Chacala has all the normal ecological/environmental problems, including no potable water, no sewage treatment facilities, inadequate waste disposal, inadequate disposal of toxic chemicals, food grown in herbcides pesticides and fertilizers, a fishing industry almost destroyed by pollution and overfishing, burning of plastic, etc etc etc. Probably other depressing issue too, but that's enough for today.

Various construction projects around town are continuing. I can't think of anything new starting at the moment except for an ugly looking (from the disstance) cement structure up on the bluff to the south. This is the second ugly looking structure up there, and apparently being built by Luis, the owner of the new big hotel. And there is talk again about Mar de Jade building a timeshare complex between Mardejade and the town. Scary thought. I am hoping that's just a rumor.

Saw what is probalby the last of the whales this year on Sunday: a mom and baby doing tail flips or whatever they are called. Heading north.

Things are looking a little dusty from lack of water on the hillsides around town. First rain will probably be in late June. The weather is very nice these days. Wore a long sleeved shirt with my shorts the other night. Otherwise it's shorts and short sleeved shirts and flipflops. Many days the ocean is very clear and the waves change around all day long, so if y ou don't like the size of the waves, come back in an hour and it'll be different.

It sounds like the EBACH kids/families are going on another trip this summer, late July. Five days going to Oaxaca. It sounds like a wonderful idea. The people who went to DF and Guanajuato last year are still talking about the trip;.

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