Monday, March 06, 2006

Rotary in Chacala

One of the Omaha Rotary's was in town last week, following up on their work the past few years on the Kinder and Telesecundaria. This week their partners, Shawnee (K.C.) Rotary is doing more work on both places. They are wiring in six ceiling fans at the Telesecundaria (Jr. High) and fixing the roof on the original Kinder, repairing the bathroom, and doing shelves, painting, and other stuff on the new Kinder room, which was also funded by the Rotaries and built by Noe (Vicki's husband) and his helper Javier. I talked with Tom Miller and David Houston of the Shawnee Rotary and was really impressed with their attitude and hard work. They are working on hooking up with some other Rotary groups in Tepic in order to get more funding for international projects. Rotary is really impressive. I am really amazed at all the good work they do all over the world.

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