Saturday, March 25, 2006

Kids on the Chacala Beach

My camping area is right on the beach, under some palm trees. I have noticed that the local little kids that lived right here, Carlos, Markito, Jasmine, and Gilberto (ages 2-6 years) rarely play on the beach or in the water. The big boys surf along that part of the beach quite a bit, but not the little kids.

But today when I walked out on the beach to tell an idiot tourist that he couldn’t drive his pickup on the beach, the kids ran out on the beach with me. We ended up digging holes in the sand, which quickly filled with water. Then moms of those kids came out with the the little neighborhood kids and we all ended up jumping over the incoming tide and plopping around in the holes we dug. Very fun. Four young moms and nine kids all playing in the shallow ocean water. Reminded me playing on the beach at Malibu with my cousins and brother. We spent hours digging holes and running along the tide line, collecting seashells and star fish and abalone shells.

I spent a couple hours on the computer this afternoon. Watched the ocean from my tent windows and used up my battery power. Now I am up at Majahua getting charged up and interneting. It's so beautiful up here. Carmen, one of the owners, has a nice little "store" on the dining terrace, full of very nice and unusual things.

I am getting organized up for moving further back away from the beach for Semana Santa. They built a new ramada for me because they charge alot more than they charge me for the beachfront spots. The guy that owns the place I housesat for the past two summers isn't sure when he is leaving Chacala yet, so I am planning on being on the beach for awhile. I really love it here on the beach. The ocean, the sun, living outside, the nice family, etc. And little contact with the rest of the town. Or cars. Etc.

But the rain and bugs get pretty serious from about July thru mid October, so I guess having a real roof will be nice. For awhile anyway. It's kind of odd that I pay rent to live on the beach, and the nice house I stay in for the summer is rent-free. Not work-free though. It's amazing how much work it takes to keep that house and "grounds" clean and tidy. And the plants alive. And each year there are some problems that require calling someone in. Like the roof leaking, electrical problems, etc.

It's a nice house, but things happen, and sometimes it takes alot of work to find the fixer, and make arrangements, etc etc etc. The house I housesit in is an owner-designed house in a quasi-Mexican style, and it's very, very nice. And it has great cross-venilation. I think it's the most comfortable house in Chacala in the summer.

Anyway, I will miss the beach, but love having a beautiful terrace, an oven to cook in, and an internet connection in house. I have been warned not to use complete email address in order to beat the spam machines. So if you want to write email me at alatawah at Or go to to post photos or stories about your time in Chacala.

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