Saturday, December 29, 2007

Warm and Lovely Sunny Chacala

If you are interested in textiles in Mexico, take a look at this series of short videos about different textiles and their weavers.

The videos were made by Bob , the man who has spent years and years exploring Mexico and learning about the textiles-weaving of Indio-indigenous groups all over Mexico.
His website is Mexican Textiles.

The weather seems to have turned warm again after about four or five nights in the low low sixties. Looking really beautiful here today. The ocean water has been a little cool, but I bet is will be warmer today.

I used to think I was the only person in Chacala who hates the ugly stuff that´s going up around here. But it turns out other people seem to feel that same way. Local and gringo. People arestarting to be more open with their feelings about some of the changes around here.

My new computer might arrive Monday, or probably Tuesday. Then I have to figure out a new way to be hooked up. I am hoping this new computer has a stronger wireless card, but it´s not likely. I am going to PV tomorrow to look around for a modem-router (?) thingie that might send a stronger wireless signal. Or maybe my son will send one down. We´ll see how this works out I guess.

There was a big quinceneria party at Pelicanos, a restuarant on the beach last night. Really nice, with a great band and nice decorations and delicious cake. My taste and tolerance for music seems to be changing. More open minded I guess.

The beach is much cleaner than last year. Still not clean, but much better. I have the impression more people are taking responsibility for picking up their own and other people´s trash. Pretty neat.

This winter is just zipping by. I was at Nuevo Espana last night for a few minutes. It´s a nice little six unit place with a pool and units with room for six or so people, and decent little kitchens, etc. At the moment if looked liked most of the units were rented by gringos. Nice group of people, mostly Canadians. Some had read this and said nice things. It´s still odd for me to meet people who read thing. It´s kind of fun and kind of embarassing. There´s a teacher here right now who is Irish. He has a beautiful little son, who is wonderful. I am in love with the boy. He told me the ocean was "lovely". I just loved that.

I am off to my place to wait for the Coke truck and cook delicious things.

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Susan Carlin said...

Just swinging by to see what you were up to. I hope you're feeling better soon and that you get your computer soon after that! Did you get the image of the portrait finally?
Hope your New Year celebration is a fun one.
Take care, ok?