Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chacala: Days Before Christmas

Well, I thought I had the photo thing licked. A kind soul helped me put the photos from my camera reader card unto two discs. And then I thought I could just put the disc into the slot on a PC and go from there. But I seem to be missing a step.

The internet place on the beach road, "Gabis Internet" opened tonight. I am too tired to write, but I wanted to fool with the photo thing. I think he is going to be open thru New Years. Hoorah!!!

A new Blogger friend, Steve, just started his Blog. He is writing about his search for a place to retire in Mexico. I like how carefully he is looking around and checking out his options. Nice photos too. Steve in Mexico
I put the Link on my Links list too.

Lots of folks from other years are showing up in Chacala this week. It is pretty fun (I can t find the apostrophe key on this keyboard) although I don t actually do that much visiting. I seem to be really busy right now. Partly because of needing to go somewhere to internet. For reservations, etc.

Tomorrow I am going down to the nursery to get a plant for my first landlady s birthday. She told exactly what she wants, an Ixora with big bright red blossoms. I hope they have one.

I bought a slingshot today to scare off my night visitors. I guess they are Ma.....shoot, can t remember the name. I am going to collect pebbles to shoot at them. I hope that s not too mean, but I hate them hanging around sticking their noses in everything. They can t find any food but they search very diligently. Ugh!!!

I read in the PV news that the airport in PV is expecting 220 flights to arrive on Saturday. That is alot of flights for that little airport. Probably people should use the bathroom on their plane before they get off the plane. I imagine there will be a big back up in baggage and customs. Probably not very many people will get the red light at customs (to be inspected).

They are still remodeling, putting in a new tile floor in the arrival area. So you still have to go outside and then back in to get to the bathrooms, ATMs, etc. The money changers are still open in the arrival area.

I am too tired to write.


mcm said...

Night visitors -- racoons? If so, mapaches.

Steve Cotton said...

I believe Andee's night visitors are coatimundis (or coatis) -- based on her earlier posts. They are fascinating creatures, but they can be intimidating -- especially in a group.