Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day Afternoon Christmas, and All Thru Chacala

I am not really a Christmas person, but Chacala has kind of changed me in that regard.
Yesterday was a really nice day for me. The weather was great. And lots of nice people were arriving to set up camp on the beach. Most people in Mexico, at least in this area, seem to celebrate at home with family on Christmas Eve, and then come down to the beach on Christmas Day or the next day. Town is pretty happy and cheerful and somewhat crowded right now.

I had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at Aurora´s. Her Mom and Uncle were there too and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Lots of gringo faces and lots of vendors selling everything you can imagine. I was given some lovely gifts by Dona Lupe and by Marta, and some other local folks. Really nice and things I really like and wanted. I will send photos later.

First thing in the morning, Christmas Day, I took a walk up the hill at the south end of the beach. I was curious about the buildings going up there. I thought there were two but there are three. Kind of perched on the cliff.

There has been a lot of work done up there. Some of it's kind of strange and seems odd to me. Someone has built a huge gate across the road you walk-drive on to get to the volcano meadow and then on to beautiful little beach one cove south of Chacala. Since the road was there way way before that eijido land was sold for development it seems odd that someone would put a huge metal gate up. It was open, but,....... That road is access to the orchards up there and a lot of property.

Plus, someone is building tall and medium height stone walls on either side of the road. The walls block access to the fruit orchards that have been there for a long time. It´s hard to imagine why someone would do that. Fruit orchards, and food production versus vacation homes for rich people? Forget it.

Anyway, got home after visiting with Dona Lupe , made brownies and fruit salad for a dinner at the lovely new home of some Canadians who are now living in Chacala full time. Washed clothes,
took a nap and shower and when up the road to the party my gringo neighbors were putting on.

The food was really really good. I ate much too much and had a very nice time. I had to leave early to meet some new renters staying at a first-time rental. By the time I had finished with that and been hijacked by Marta (to give me my great gift) it was too late to go back to the party.

By the time I got home I was feeling pretty sick again. Mostly it is just a deep chest cold now.
A Dad from Guadalajara and his two early teen sons are staying downstairs this week. Very nice but their dog is a pain. Every time I went to sleep either the dog or the raccoons would show up on my patio. Plus insane barking by the dog. I finally put in my earplugs and feel asleep.

R and M loaned me a great book called "Oaxaca Journal" by Oliver Sacks. I loved it. It was about his ten day trip to Oaxaca with a group searching for Ferns. I really enjoyed it. I am getting to read better quality books these days. Definite lifestyle improvement.

My son is helping me figure out how to have both my and Aurora´s computers work off the same phone line and modem. I am getting excited to be getting my computer back in less that a week. I hope.

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John W said...

Andee--I feel such despair when I see the development going on in Banderas Bay and the coast to the north. I think you're right on the money: Homes for rich people or orchards for everyone. Most of us don't have to even think about that choice.

Thanks so much for being a voice of reason in the middle of all that greed.