Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Still No Computer in Chacala

It looks like I have a new computer, currently residing near Seattle. I was hoping I would think of someone I know who is coming down to Chacala or P.V. this week or next, but haven´t found anyone yet.

On Saturday some friends are leaving the NW and driving south. And they will be bringing my new computer down, arriving Jan 1 or so. I hope I can manage my addiction til then.

And I want to learn how to post photos from my camera to a PC. RIGHT NOW. I am so used to Mac stuff I can´t even think of how to do that.

The weather is great. Slightly cooler nights, 68-70F at night, 80-85F during the day. Low humidity, at least for Chacala.

I think I must be completely acclimated to the weather in Chacala. The first three summers I thought the ocean was too warm (like a bathtub) to swim in during the summer. But this summer I loved it and swam almost every evening. But now the December water water seems a little cool to me. But of course it´s not at all. And now I understand why little kids are all bundled up when it´s under 70F - it does feel cool. Whatever.

There are some great RVers here this year. Just when I was getting really jaded about them as a group. Prejudiced, I guess. But A and G brought lots of stuff down for the Kinder and Bibliotecha, and really would like to find a little role here. Maybe support a child a little. They are here for awhile, so they will have time to get to know some families.

Plus G is an excellent camera instructor. He has a Canon that is a lot like mine and I am learning so much. Stuff I didn´t even know there was to learn.

So far that gringo campers are almost all in small rigs- pickup campers, small van campers and so on. I like how they look in the campground. Don´t block the view so much. Of course some of them are still trying to block off access to the beach for the Mexican families who normally camp where the RVers. But I am enjoying getting to know some of these folks. V and V are another couple who travel with a nice basic small trailer and older pickup. Suits my personal taste-lifestyle I guess.

Two more businesses are being set up by gringos in Chacala. In both cases the businesses appear to be in direct competition with local people. Whatever.

A and G and I took the school, craft, and clothes and other things up to the Kinder and the after-school program at the Bibliotecha yesterday. There is a new teacher at the Kinder. Ramon. Very young and handsome. He seem to be in charge and the kids were great. We took photos of the all the supplies G and A brought. The Kinder looks wondeful. bursting with art and color.

Isaac is still teaching at the Bibliotecho after-school program, from last year. The kids really seem to like him and to respect his authority. Lots of kids running around. More photos. We also left some gifts and other things for Viki, the Biblioteca adminstrator to use as she see fit.

It seems clear that Chacala in general is moving into a more prosperous era. Who knows where that will lead.

Waited for 45 minutes at the bank yesterday, to change a US$100 bill into pesos. Then the teller told me it was 10 minutes too late to change money. RATSSS!!!!!

Then Juan at the tienda did it for me on the way home. So it worked out. Plus I got to gossip with a couple of women I know, who were also standing in line.

There seems to be even visual pollution littering the Chacala landscape. Grihgo real estate and development signs. Ugh Ugh Ugh.

Other than the signs, etc. Chacala is looking beautiful, Blue skies, whales swimming by in the blue-green ocean, lovely breezes, and sand covering the rocks again, on the south end of the beach. Lots of new gringo faces around, and some old familiar ones too.

In the past there was very little construction during the actual tourist season. But that started changing last year. There are a number of projects that are still being worked on right now. I think of the winter season starting about December 21. And maybe they will be finished up by then.

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Bill said...

Some cameras show up as a USB device automatically, some don't. For instance I have 2 different year model Cannons, one will, one won't. See if you can find a USB card reader for your camera's memory card. It will be seen as a standard UDS drive on any computer. Maybe someone would loan you one to try.