Monday, December 17, 2007

Lovely Chacala

It´s been beautiful in Chacala this week. Cooler at night though. About 62F degrees. Beautiful sunny days. More visitors turning up. The camping area still has mostly smaller RV´s parking there. Mexican families are starting to pull in to camp for the Christmas holidays. The cuesto owners are spiffing up their places, in preparation for the many families that will be arriving starting this coming weekend.

Well, the festivities for Guadalupe ended on the 12th, and now we have begun the nightly Posadas, marking Jesus and Mary´s search for a place for themselves and their about-to-be born baby. I can´t believe I wrote that like it really happened.

Anyway, last night was the first night, and about 33 kids and 20 adults participated.
They walked from the church to Paul and Nidia´s place. They had two lovely pinatas, filled with treats, and then treat bags for everyone. Even me. And hot chocolate and chocolate cake. I love the hot chocolate in Mexico. It´s so good. I passed my goodie bag onto a late comer so I wasn´t so tempted.

I don´t know where we are walking to today, but I hope they serve hot chocolate.

There seem to be more yachts here this year. And earlier too. I mean the sailing kind. There are also more powerboats. One is totaly covered with antennas. Not quite as ugly as the shrimp boats, but almost.

Chavela is serving dinners to the first 20 people to sign up each Thursday and Friday night. 50 pesos, bring your own drinks. Very delicious and very popular. She is the breakfast cook at the gringa cafe in the morning. I think she will be adding sign-up nights as more visitors show up.
She also takes group reservations where the group picks the menu. On the sign-up nights Chavela choose the menu. Ahead of time, so you will know what you will be getting.

Majahua has finished remodeling. They had the thank you party for their workers on Saturday night. The addition is a bar with three patios, and a lovely upstairs terrace with offices for Jose and Carmen. The kitchen area has also been expanded. This is a lovely place, the only really special restaurant in Chacala. Reservations are needed for dinner, but drinks are available all the time. It´s a great place to watch the sunset, or for whales. You can also eat breakfast and lunch there, but it´s a good idea to plan ahead, or call 219-4054. Mahajua is at the very end of the beach, and up about 20 feet. Just past Mar de Jade´s patio.

People are seeing whales everyday now. From the beach or patios or whatever. Or via boat rides out closer. Not too close, but closer.

Can´t think of anything else to write, right now. My new computer is apparently on it´s way south. I can´t wait. It´s hard to write in internet places, especially after having had a couple of months of internet connection at home.

Still am not able to post photos, but I am taking some pretty good ones.

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