Thursday, December 20, 2007

Changing in Chacala

Since I have now being living in Chacala for four years and five days, I thought I should take a look and see if I can notice ways that I am different from when I arrived here in Mexico.

I know one thing is that my level of appreciation for the gift of being alive has increased 10,000 %. Maybe more. I am continually aware of how beautiful each moment is. Of course, there are some annoying moments, usually annoying people, but mostly I love most of every day of this life.

The environment, nature, the surroundings are so lovely and amazing. The plants have to most amazing life force. They just keep growing, no matter what. And the sky is so blue and the sun so bright. And the animals are right here, around us. Every though I am afraid of the Apaches (raccoon looking animals) who visit my patio every night, I appreciate their cleverness and creativity. In getting into my place. And if I wasn´t scared of them I would probably have named the two little guys by now.

There are birds all around. Every morning I see new birds. And right now I am seeing whales swimming by almost every day. And butterflies flitting.

I seem to be in synch with the collectivos these days and never ever have to wait more than a couple of minutes. I have nice worker neighbors staying downstairs. The Dad is very handy at fixing things and the son and a friend are fun to have around. Too bad there´s not enough water for all of us unless I fill the water tank on the roof twice a day. It´s too small.

More weird stuff is going on the with buildings and destroying Nature around Chacala. Plants, trees, vegetable stripped off hillsides, leaving ugly barren messes. Inappropriate buildings. Whatever.

It´s still a lovely place to live, and every day brings new and different things.

I rode into Las Varas this am in the collectivo filled with ladies going to their class at the hospital. I think it´s a menopause class but I am not sure. Everyone was dressed up and bouncing around. We joked around about me going, but I said I was past all that. They thought that was funny.

The driver turned on some dance music and we all bounced around, dancing to the music, while sitting. Very happy and joyful. I love those moments.

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