Wednesday, December 05, 2007

View From Chacala's Malecon

There are quite a few people coming down to Chacala from the cold, cold north. It's been in the mid 80`sF all day, with about 62% humidity. It looked like it was going to rain late this afternoon. Which would be very unusual this time of year. But the clouds seem to have moved on.
These photos are taken from the beach walkway, the Malecon (below).

Some of the construction is about 2 years old, and the other is newer. There were as many as 12 yachts, a couple of power boats (one super-sized), and as many as six shrimp boats here this week.
And Berta told me she will be managing the Cafe whatever onto top of the old Casa Pacifica this winter. She plans to open on Monday, December 10th. The Breakfast-only cafe will be open 8-10am, M-Sat. Closed Sunday. It's located at the very north end of Chacala, about a block past where the paved road bumps into the gated to the gated development.
Las Brisas just put up Christmas decorations. They seem to be planning to put on a Christmas Day Dinner again this year.
Majahua's remodeling looks really nice. Worth walking down there for a drink or to make a dinner reservation.

There this still quite a bit of construction going on around town. Lots of half-finished projects.

The primary school yard is looks very clean and tidy. Consistently. Parents are cleaning the grounds, with some of the kids, regularly.The Kindergarten play ground is looking very nice and tidy.

And every Sunday morning Viki, the Adminstrator at the Bibliotecha, is out with big group of kids. They are all carrying big black plastic bags, and picking up plastic and other trash.The trash is mostly left behind from visitors to Chacala and to the gated development.

Work is continuing on Om's place among the stone column's above the dinghy beach.
Guadalupe's Day is coming up soon. A few fireworks are going off every night about 6pm, followed by the bells and a church service.

The ocean water feels wonderful. I went swimming this afternoon, and the water was very clean and lovely.

That's it from Chacala.

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