Monday, December 03, 2007

RV's Parking at Playa Chacala

My guess is the some people who read this are aware of my disgust with black (toilet) water being poured into holes in the sand on the beach at Chacala. By RVers.That situation seems to be resolving itself. The disposal pit-tank-vault (don't know these things are called) next to Delphin's has been rebuilt and looks great. People can either move their rigs over there to empty their holding tanks. Or use one of those "blue-boy units" to empty their toilet holding tanks and haul the effluent over to the disposal area. I heard someone yesterday offering to share his with folks who don't have one.Of course, like all the septic tanks around rural Mexico, the effluent that will be pumped out to the septic tank, is dumped off from some road somewhere, into the jungle. But that's probably better than more "civilized" options. It disappears quickly in this climate.

Anyway. I haven't seen any RV's this year draining their toilets in the sand. But the big RV's are just starting to pull in. So who knows? Those are the folks that seem to be the most likely to use that method of disposal.Also, this year, lots of people with rigs on the beach have mentioned to me that they are not using the "polluting the beach" method of emptying their tanks. That is, dumping their shit in the sand.

And I have heard some very interesting stories the past few days from some of these campers. Telling me about gringos in other campgrounds sort of enforcing decent standards among their own in these "RV Parks."Right now almost all the people who are camping in Chacala in metal boxes of various kinds have smaller trailers pulled by trucks or smaller-sized camper vans. It looks much nicer on the beach than the monster RV's that block everyones view of the beach.

Anyway. Cambio, cambio, combio. Change, change, change. Sometimes it's a good thing.
This huge power boat pulled in yesterday, and left, thank god, this morning. It dwarfed the sailboats around itAt the same time it left, six huge shrimp boats arrived. To dump their load into refrigerated trucks, I think.The dead fish photos were taken at dawn, a couple days after the first shrimp boats of the season pulled into Chacala bay. I don't know what the connection is, but there is one. Shrimp boats = dead fish on the beach. Luckily the dogs and other varmints clean things up quickly. '

Still. I hate to see those boats arrive here. They destroy the fish beds when they drag their nets across the ocean floor. Forever. Shrimp lovers take note. I guess I will always be complaining about something.

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Sans said...

You have a great blog(s)! I really enjoy reading them. You seem to like Mexico in the way we do. I always wonder if, it is in spite of, or because of, the rough edges? Or is is simply the people?