Saturday, September 29, 2007

Water on Chacala Paved Road, Update

When I am writing about the messed-up paved road in Chacala, this map shows the road I am describing. It runs from the top center of the photo, to the left, with an abrupt ninety degree angle turn before it heads toward the security gate of the development. The section I am talking about is the section of that road where it's closest to the beach.

This morning the Chacala water maintenance guy, Julio, came by. He talked for a minutes with the worker, who came back first thing this morning. He has been clearing the mud from the water ditch on the hill side of the road. Really good worker. Steady. I didn't hear the conversation, but a half hour later I noticed the worker had dug out the drainage ditch on the ocean side of the road. I don't know if the worker thought of if himself, or heard me yesterday, or listened to Julio, or maybe his boss told him to do it.

The water from that escape spot drains into a small arroyo that empties maybe a 1/2 mile square ara of runoff from the residential zone between the paved road and the dirt road. The one that goes by the school. I have tried to track where that water goes, but both Martine and Lalo, who live down there, say there's no drainage problem at their end.
I just took another Coke down to the worker, Delfino. We talked for a minute while we cleared away the little brick bridge I made. He went to the U.S. with his Mom when he was a little kid. Near L.A. Lived there eight years. Never really went to school. Loves Mexico, but wants to return to the U.S. with his wife and kids because of the opportunities. He said his boss, here in Chacala, is a good guy and pays more than bosses in Las Varas. We talked about learning to read with his little boy, a 1st grader. ( I have no idea why this is blue, it won't turn off.)

It rained most of the night. A soft rain. And it's been raining off and on all morning. I guess it will be a good test of the current road fix. Actually, I am kind of optimistic. On the other hand, it's not to my benefit for the road to be a smooth ride for speeding big trucks. I do appreciate thoughtful workmanship though, alot.
So, we'll see what happens next.This is the Mars Tres rental with three units, upstairs. It's just across the road from the sand and the beach. It's back away from the road far enough to avoid traffic and people noise. The rooms are very nice, and share a view patio with hammocks. And the restaurant is open all the time, with good, affordable food. It's my favorite restaurant in town. NEVER have been sick after eating there. Never heard of anyone being sick after eating there.Contact me at alatawah@gmail for info and reservations or call Martine and Marta directly at 011 52 327 219 4004 if you speak Spanish. it's a good spot to check out if you aren't going to make reservations. Clean, nice, two years old, great owners.

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Dan,thanks for your careful reading/editing and notifying me. How embarassing. Dissing my favorite place.thanks.

I don't have an email address for you or I would emailed my thankg. Andee