Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Baby Surfer in Chacala

It's just a perfect day in Chacala, at least so far. Sunny since dawn. Hot but not so humid . Fresh and clear and lovely.I was down on the beach about 8am and there were a few people in the water. It's a perfect temperature. Warm, but not like bathwater. Very refreshing.This little girl was very focused on the water and her little board.
I loved watching her.
I didn't actually see her floating in the surf on the board, but she was trying.
And she managed to just about everything else you can think of. Except standing on her head.
She was so focused. Checking the water, watching the waves.
Getting out of the way when the water came in too deep and too fast for her.
Very precious. What a wonderful experience for such a little child. Just her, the board, the sand, the water, the sun. And her folks watching closely from the beach, but not interfering at all. Lucky, lucky little girl.

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