Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Entrepenurial Chacala

Mexico, including Chacala, seems to be a land of small-time entrepenuers. Almost everyone seems to have more than one income producing project. Antonia, for example, besides being the mother of a young boy, manages a six-unit rental, Buena Vista, and sells something. I think it's Avon. And she seems to be very busy with her customers. She's out most late afternoons, taking orders and making deliveries. Her husband has a pool cleaning business in the development.Even these young visitors have a role in Chacla, supporting local tourist businesses.
Butcho is out every day, twice a day. Collecting aluminum can, food scraps for his animals: dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, and whatever. Lalo, is in Chacala almost every evening, selling bakery goods that he and his father bake. He sells from the back of his pickup.He makes a loop thru town, just before dark,beeping his horn as he goes. People know he's coming, and come running out when he beeps. Casaer climbs on any and everything, including Lalo's truck.
Augustine has several occupations. He and his wife have two nice rentals. He works at Chico's most mornings, filleting and cleaning fish for the restaurant. And he weaves custom fishing nets the rest of the time.Juan is a painter, and also an artist. He had painted many of the houses in Chacala, and in the development. And many of the signs on buildings around town. He is a metriculous and reliable worker. Strong work ethic and great color and design sense.This young lady makes jewelry for her mothers's beach tourist shop. And is known around town as an excellent saleswoman in the shop. The shop is full all kinds of things, including some very nice Huitchol art.Javier mainly works in construction, but he has other projects too. Awhile ago he installed all the new posts than ensure thaT vehicles don't park on the pedestrain beach access walkways between the beach road and the beach. He used to collect leftover food fron local resturants for his family's hogs. I think his younger brother does that now.This guapo (handsome) gentleman is 88 or so. Aside from posing as a movie star, works at Chico's everyday, doing whatever needs to be done. Including collecting the shower/toilet admission fees. And I think he serves as a security guard at the restaurant at night.

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