Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reflections of/on Chacala

One nice thing about all mud puddles and flooded areas around Chacala is that I get to practice taking photos of the reflections on the water.(Near the entrance to Majahua and Mar de Jade)
I have also been reflecting alot about my life here, and how to make it more satisfying for me. Finding more people with whom to share my interests is one thing.The nice thing about winter in Chacala is there are lots of interesting people coming and going. And this year there will be quite a few familiar faces from other years who are renting for two or three months. I am looking forward to that. And another plan for improving my life here in Chacala, is to make cooking a more satisfactory experience here. I am thinking about getting a stove, with an oven. So I can cook stuff like baked potatoes, pizza, lasagna, whole wheat yeast bread, and cornbread, and chocolate chip cookies. All of which I miss and require ovens. (The street-side view of the "Beach House", where the jetskis live)
I am also going to widen my search for good reading materials. Up until now I have focused on trading in books at "Pages in the Sun, in P.V. Mostly because I like the owner, and we have developed the start of a friendshiip. It's always open and it's easy to get to. But there are some book exchanges in Sayulita, Brucerias, and La Penita, and I am going to make an effort to check those places out regularly.I am also trying to change my default activities (reading , computing, and eating) to more artistic pursuits. I have rearranged my space so I have more workspace for projects. But when I am at loose ends I tend to go into default mode (eat,read,compute) rather than make things. And, maybe I am going to get a high-speed internet connetion, here, at home. I don't know if I can afford it, but it looks like it can happen. Of course, the downside of that is more time on- line and less time walking around Chacala, and visiting people with wireless.


myahspirit said...

Your pictures have inproved so much. I love them but then I like seeing them becuse I have been there and I get to see the area in a new way.
Looking forward to seeing you this winter.

Tom said...

Nice pictures as usual. Make sure your power supply can accomodate a stove and has the right amperage. Most stoves in the U.S. are 220 and require a special plug. It would be a shame to buy the stove and not be able to use it.

Another option would be a countertop toaster oven. These work very well but they don't have a very large capacity. Happy baking!

christine said...

stunning photos. such a beautiful to capture the colours and scenery