Monday, September 17, 2007

Chacala Fiesta, Independence Day

Today is Independence Day in Mexico. It actually started last night, but I was in Las Varas this morning to get some kitty food and to do some interneting.The internet place was right on the route of the Las Varas parade at 9am this morning. So I watched for it from my computer station, and when out to take some photos when it got close. There were people lining the street for about six blocks.My camera’s rechargeable AA batteries (4) failed after the 3rd photo. I switched to my charged-up set, and it only took a couple of pictures before it gave out too.Those batteries are a year old, and have been in constant use, so I guess it’s not too surprising.

I was anxious to have my camera ready to go for Chacala’s Independence Day fiesta, which started about 4pm. So when I got home, at noon, I put the better set on the charger, for the “rejuvenation” charge. But it didn’t finished it’s cycle (which takes about six hours) before the party.

So I had to go naked, without my camera. I guess people are really used me taking photos because at least a dozen people turned to me and told me to take photos of something during the party. It was strange to be without my camera. I guess I have really gotten used to looking at things thru the camera lens. And kept doing it in my mind all evening. Watching for good shots, etc. I am posting some photos of Chacala caged birds instead of fiesta photos.

It was a nice fiesta. Small, with lots of food and drinks to buy. I think it was a fund raiser for the Primary School, but I am not sure. There was Loteria, which is very big and very traditional in Mexico. With special cards, and nice little prizes. It cost 1 peso, 9 cents a game. I played twice, actually almost won on my first card. But the kid next to me, Gabie, called it out before I realized I had a winner. Darn!!! But he was really happy. Won a little wallet.
There were more kids than adults, and the music wasn’t too loud. So there was lots of visiting and talking. And quite a bit of dancing too.
All women thought, and a few boys, and lots of girls.

Another fund raiser was run by Rosita and her Mom, Lupita, of Casa Chacala. It was face painting. For 2 pesos. The painting was the three stripes, green, white, and red, symbolizing the Mexican flag. All the kids wanted them, one on each cheek.

And then there was the marriage booth. Concha acted as the “Civil Registrar”, and married several couples. One couple was a2 year old boy and a three year girl. Another was Kati and Luis, who said their vows, exchanged the rings provided by Concha, and then kissed. Everyone was yelling and clapping, Very fun. Concha did a nice job of doing the ceremony.

Leti ran the CD player most of the time, with a little help from Polo.
Someone had to run home and get some long extension cords for the CD player and a couple of lights. I left before dark because I was walking home on the path, and it’s too hard to walk there in the dark.

And it was just starting to rain, so I don’t know how long the party went on after I left. It really raining now, but no thunder and only a little lightning so far.

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