Monday, September 24, 2007

I Think I Forgot to Post My Favorite Oaxaca Phot

This was taken in front of the Santo Domingo iglesia in Oaxaca. I like it alot.
I had a nice dinner tonight at Chico's with a very nice couple who are moving into their new home in the development. For the winter, with their young teen kids. I really liked what they had to say. About getting themselves and the kids involved in Chacala itself.I probably talked too much at dinner. I haven't spoken English since Trini helped me set up the Infinitum hookup on Friday. Not that that's a long time. Actually, I have mostly been at home for five days or so. Except for doing errands like trash pick-up, rental business errands, and groceries.

I don't usually keep track of when I speak English. In fact it would be hard to do that, since I am not very aware of whether I am speaking English or Spanish. Until I suddenly can't figure out how to say something. But I was just looking for an excuse for why I was talking so much. Mostly silly stuff.

The outside cooking grill was closed down at Chico's. It was almost dark when we got there. So I had a fillet of some kind of fish, natural (no breading) and tomatoes. Very good.

I should either socialize more or watch myself about talking too much, when I am visiting with people. I probably get carried away. Anyway, I keep meeting nice people who are buying property in there. In the gated place.The beach looked nice and clean this evening. The storm out in the Pacific must have died down.But there were still some big chunks of tree trunks and logs and large branches floating around in the water. I was afraid to go in. I guess I don't like the idea of being hit by a log in the shallow water. But this stormy stuff is probably over for the year. It's only mid-August to mid-September that I have seen big chucks of wood being thrown up on the beach by the waves. I am crossing my fingers and knocking on my head as I write this.

There was new milk in the store tonight. Sometimes we go for a couple of weeks without fresh milk. They had those cute little one cup bottles, and I bought three. I have this idea that the milk lasts longer unopened. The store was completely out of detergent tonight. Juanita said Juan, her son, probably had some at his store, the "Joker".

I have to go into Las Varas tomorrow or the next day to pick up a rental deposit for some people who are staying at Mirador for Christmas. I am thinking about looking for new bed frame for when my son comes down. I wonder if the collectivo driver will let me tie it to the roof of the collectivo? Maybe that's not such a good idea.I am wondering if local people are starting to try to save money on their electric bills. All of a sudden there seem to only be a few lights on outside at night. Which I like alot, but it's different. Electricity is a state monopoly, the C.F.E, in Mexico. There was a big rate increase about 18 months ago. Plus, in Mexico, the more juice you use, the more you pay for every kilowatt hour. People in Chacala have a lot more appliances etc that they used to. I think when I first came it was common for a family to have two light bulbs and a fridge.And maybe a CD player. Then came TV's, electrical clothes washers, more lights, outside lights etc. I guess it all adds up.I am amazed that I can walk home without a flashlight, even in the dark of the moon. I guess I have just gotten familiar with the pathways, or my senses have gotten stronger.

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