Thursday, September 13, 2007

Home Sweet Chacala Home

Sometimes when I get really discouraged about (one particular aspect) my life in Chacala, I remind myself how much I like where I live. My home in Chacala. It's just a room, bath, and nice sized patio. Upstairs. The patio has a roof and it's where my kitchen is set-up. I have open views on three sides. One is of the ocean, and, and it's really an amazing view of the ocean. And I love watching to sunlight move across the hills to the ocean.Every morning I wander outside and stand at the little waist-high wall around the patio, and space out, staring the the ocean. And thinking about how lucky I am to be here, in Mexico, and in Chacala.

I love my room. I have a place to hang my clothes, a shelf for my special stuff. Like Guadalupe pictures, boxes of special things, and things I like to look at.

My bed is a double, but I still have my single foam mattress from the winter I camped on the beach in a tent (with a wooden bed frame). So I store it on top on my double mattress. Looks funny, works okay.
I have a table made of 3 plastic tables in a row. One is for computer stuff, and the other two are for my craft projects and drawing supplies. I have to tidy things up a couple times a week, to keep the creepy-crawlies from making little homes in the nooks and crannies.

This morning I am at Majahua. Their new addition is almost done. It's going to be very cool. I love how everything is still tucked in the woods, but with amazing views. Especially the second floor of the addition. While I was at Majahua I saw some dolphins leaping around out in the ocean. Everyone stopped work, all the workers, to watch the dolphins leaping thru the air, in and out of the ocean. It was beautiful.

I had my camera out, and one of the guys asked why I wasn't taking photo of the dolphins. But they move too fast, and they were hard to focus on. Some of them were in very close, very close. I don't know if there's a dolphin season or not, but it was very nice to see them this morning.
Last night I was down on the beach, walking with a friend of mine. When her husband caught up with up, I went and sat on one of the restaurant chairs. I was hoping for another amazing sunset. And of course, there was a beaut. There were still lots of people swimming, including some of the mid-to-older local teens. This group always calls to me to take photos when they see me with my camera.

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Dan said...

This is lovely. You live like a millionaire. You know what would be nice? Point you camera toward the ocean and take a picture every hour through the day, from dawn to sunset.