Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Signs in Chacala

An overcast August day in Chacala. Very unusual around here except in August and early September. Kind of depressing. But it's probably good to have a few days of crummy weather to remind us how beautiful the weather is in Chacala. Here are some signs around Chacala that I can appreciate. The kids have been painting new signs about the trash problem. Hoping to influence the many tourists from around Mexico who come to Chacala to put their trash in bags or the trash containers.

This is the "Bibliotecha" building, on the primary school playgrounds. It has been built and furnished by a number of Rotary groups. Those Rotary groups are truly amazing. The downstairs and areas for the after-school program, nursery age kids, the childrens library, and other stuff. The upper floor is for computers and various community meetings, and classes.
I can appreciate small businesses around town posting a few small signs at their business, or even around town. But the construction, vacation rentals, and hotel signs seem to me to be overkill.

This is the sign for Lalo's fish shop. Fresh fish, right over the boat, are cleaned and sold from here. It's right up the hill from Juan's Joke Tienda and Gloria's Posada.
This sign is posted on the new construction on the paved road, right near the wooden security gate to the development. It's for work the local kids do, picking up plastic trash around Chacala almost every weekend. It's stockpiled here in huge bags until it's hauled away somewhere.
I think the anti-litter message is getting thru around here. The beach usually looks pretty good except for late Sunday, and around town alot looks good. That's partly because the vegetation is growing so quickly it covers up the trash within a day or two.
Here is one of the new anti-littering signs around Chacala.
And a sign inviting everyone to the fiesta on Independence Day.
I really appreciate public service signs. There is no local radio or TV or newspapers around here, and they are the main way to find out what's going on. That and the church bell.
This sign is in the Las Varas post office. It's a sign for people with mental health issues you want to use the A.A. 12-Step format. Some of the words on the globe are sad, anguish, and fear. I kind of like it.

This sign requests that no one drive a wheeled vehicle on the beach. Not that it stops the Sunday visitors.
Las Varas has about a half-dozen Bar-be-que Chicken places. I really like their signs. There's a big chain around this part of Mexico called "Pollo Feliz". I am trying to imagine chickens being happy being stretched over a bed of hot coals, but whatever. I wish someone would start one in Chacala. I would probably be a daily customer.

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