Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mike and Debbie Visit Chacala

A couple of really nice visitors just left Chacala this morning (via collectivo and Pacifico Bus to the P.V. airport) after a 10 day visit.
Mike has been here before, last year. And he came this year with Debbie, his "novia", girlfriend.They seemed to have a good time, although Debbie hurt her knee halfway thru her visit and had to use a hand-created came to get around. Didn't seem to get her down.They still seemed to have a great time, staying at Aurora's, and checking out all the restaurants in Chacala. Very nice people, and lots of fun to visit.

Plus, THEY BROUGHT ME DARK CHOCOLATE. Ten bars, which I managed to finish off before they left. And some much appreciated reading material.

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