Monday, November 13, 2006

Updates from Around Chacala

I took some photos of the lagoon behind the cuestos (little shops) on the beach road. A lot of winter visitors don’t believe me when I tell them there’s a lake back there during the rainy season. With a crocodile. I didn’t get a photo of him, or her.Coco, daughter of Don Enrique (he has a “famous” fish barbeque restaurant on the non-beach side of the beach road) is living in San Jose California now. She got married last year and I had been wondering where she was. Trini and I had a Coke (me) and a Coco (Trini) at Don Enrique’s the other day, and it was nice to hear about her. Coco is one of those people who always makes you smile. I hope life is working out okay for her in married life and in San Jose. That town seems to be full of people from Las Varas and Chacala. A big favorite for some reason.

There have been “yachties” in Chacala Bay off and on for the last couple of weeks. One or two at a time. Same with motor home and camping people. I think there are a couple of families/couples here now, plus I have seen some unfamiliar gringo faces around town.

People are tidying up, painting, cleaning up, and finishing up a number of projecsts around town. Getting things spiffed up for the tourist season, which really starts this coming weekend, with November 20th. Big Revolution Day, can’t remember which one. A three-day weekend and there will be lots of people here. Unless the weather is bad (as in less than 84 degree F). This Sunday, the town was full of tourists from Compostella, Tepic, and Guadalajara. Very fun and energetic feeling.

The internet guy who set up an internet booth with about 8 computers last Semana Santa is back. Right next to Dona’s Lupe’s restaurant on the beach road. According to him, Rafael, he is here for the season. I used one of his computers this morning. 10 pesos for 45 minutes. Seemed fast and okay. He has those little mini cameras sitting on top of the computers. I had to turn mine away. He seems to be open a lot, but I don’t know what his schedule is. I am using the term "schedule” loosely.

Leo, of Koko Bongo’s seems to be planning to have another internet/wireless set up this year. . Las Brisas has a wireless-only setup. The Bibliotecha just got 8 (according to gossip) new computers donated. They are being set up now.

The young man Kinder teacher seems to be doing okay with his students. 8 boys and a girl. His name is Eduardo, and he is doing his service year. I think he has a crush on someone who lives around Ventura’s restaurant. He is around there ALL the time.Villa Celeste (including the former Casa Azul) has a new, deep yellow, color scheme, and a lovely new building overlooking the Malecon.
Next door, at Mirador, (above and below) they are finishing up the new kitchen for the downstairs unit on the ocean end of the building. It’s going to be great. Not a patio/kitchen like upstairs, but nice, and close to the big palapa.Paul’s Satow duplex units are finished and ready to rent. The pool looks great. There is one unit to a floor, so they are private and very nicely furnished. You can see some photos at Satow.Paul speaks English and has a cell and land phone.
Or for contact info for Satow go to Chacala Budget Rentals.I am hoping to get a phone line put in soon, so I can internet from home, but who knows. My head still hurts and the stitches are itching. I guess that's a good sign.

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christine said...

I've been ghosting reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and having spent time in San Blas & Aticama over the years I have been truly enjoying your postings about your community and your experiences within it. I was living in Aguascalientes this year but reading your blog has reminded me why I have such a soft spot for the pacific coast. I'm glad to hear that your head is healing and that you have such caring neighbours at a time like this. cuidate mucho