Monday, November 20, 2006

20 de Noviembre, Revolution Day

This is the first big tourist season weekend of the year in Chacala. It's a 3-day weekend, celebrating the Revolution with Pancho Villa, etc. This is Markito, grandson of Esparanza. He is in costume for the big kids parade this morning. All the pre-Kinder,Kinder, Primaria, and Telesecundaria kids will march with flags, etc , in school uniforms, from the road in front of Chico's to the Primaria. I am missing the parade because it started latish, and I wanted to come up to Majahua to do some computing. I ran into Pancho Villa on the way up. Lots of people are here in Chacala, camping and staying in various places. The new hotel, Paraiso Descondido even looks pretty busy. All of Aurora's units are rented, and I think most other places are too. The weather is gorgeous, clean and a nice breeze. The water looks so beautiful, especially from up here. Unfortunatley the moto population sems to be increasing, at least on the roads. Mostly people from the gated "development". There are more that a dozen gringos here this weekend. 8 at Aurora's and I have seen more around town.
There are a few yachts and a power yacht, or whatever they're called, parked out on the water. The first shrimper of the year (at least that I noticed) was here yesterday.

Leo and family, owners of Koko Bongo's are also managing one of the nice rental units, overlooking Chacala beach and the ocean. With a private bath down to the Malecon. There are two bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, and kitchen, and two patios and two yards for visiting, and socialzing and eating. There is secure parking for two cars. Email me at or see Leo at Koko Bongo's for more info. To see more photos of the rental go to Vista del Mar

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Jill said...

That Pancho Villa is so adorable!