Monday, April 10, 2006

More Semana Santa in Chacala

Woke up to the beep beep of the vegetable truck just a morning light. I was sound asleep. I seem to be sleeping later now that I am further away from the crashing waves. Anyway, the veggie man was the first of a string of vendors, including the Coke truck. Which has upped it's prices 50% for Semana Santa. I couldn't believe it when I saw the sign. But I looked closer and the old sign is still there, covered up the the new prices. I buy a case of coke in glass bottles ever 10 days or so, so I definitely know what the prices are. Very weird. I decided to go ahead and buy a case since I wouldn't have to wheelbarrow it from Dona Lupe's restaurant. The Coke guy charged me the old (cheaper) price. Don't know what that means.

The Coke truck normally doesn't come down this road because it's so horrible, but I guess it was worth for them today today. The ice cream truck came back, first time in months. I had delicious lime sherbet. Bought a watermelon for 3 pesos, less than 30 cents, and also got TP from the miscellaneous truck. Also got E. two plants she was drooling over. A strange purple flowered geranium and a really red rose. 20 pesos each. Under $2 each. We are going to make starts from the geranium.

I have been helping out collecting the shower/toilet fee when Exparanza has to run and do something. Keeping the wet, muddy areas around the banos dry with sand. And picking up trash and etc etc. Nice day. Very warm. There isn't much of a breeze at my new campsite, and I miss that. But it's easier to cook on my little propane stove without the wind blowing through my camp.

I am going down to the beach road in a minute to see what's up. This morning things were really bustling with visitors and new stands and stuff. Everybody seemed cheerful and happy. Of course, the grumps probably stay away. A new feature for Semana Santa is a police presence. Requested by the town after a small rash of burglaries. They are stationed at the water pumphouse and near the entrance to Delphins. One of them told me he has bullets in his little sort of machine gun. I read somewhere the cops have to buy their own bullets. I don't know if that's true or not. It seem strange to have them here. No loud music yet. I am crossing my fingers. No motos or jet skits either, but the banana boats are busy out there.

Every since I moved down tothe beach I have been picking up trash morning and evening along the tide line, trying to at least keep the stuff from washing out to sea. It was hard to do that this week. At least hard to do it from Delphin's Restaurant north. Tons of stuff. Usually I just do from Buddy's place to Mar de Jade, but it was so disgusting last night I did alot more. It is pretty easy from Buddies south to Mar de Jade. I usually do the whole beach from Buddy south and only get a couple of medium sized bags full each collection.

On Saturday morning, a couple of days ago, the little moto with trailer that seems to be a new thing for the town was out on the beach. Three guys tearing up and down the beach three times, tossing coconuts away from the water. There was no trash because I keep that part of the beach clean. What a waste of energy.

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