Saturday, April 15, 2006

Semana Santa in Chacala. Final Episode. I hope

Well, when I was out swimming today I turned toward the beach and saw how beautiful the beach looked, covered with every color of umbrella. A sea of umbrellas. It was amazingly beautiful. From one end of the beach to the other.

There was also a sea of trash. Last night I picked up from Mar de Jade north to past Don Beto's and just focused on picking up everything below the high-tide line. Trying to get the plastic pop bottle, plastic bags, dirty diapers, bags of garbage, etc etc etc out of the ocean. That took five super-large plastic bags. Although I had done a complete sweep yesterday morning. Then this morning I did the high-tide sweep and got six bags. And then did the sand right in front of this camping area and got seven more big bags. After cleaning the same area yesterday. I am trying to think of picking up trash as my karma for my previous and current contributions to global warming, etc.

Had a nice afternoon drawing with Carlos, Marcito, Paulina, Luis and Jasmine. Ages two to seven. The sweetest little children. Being with them makes it easy to remember that trash or no trash, this is a beautiful place and I am lucky to be here.

It's really nice to hang around visiting a joking with the family here.
And then cleaning up the trash and shower/toilet area. That sounds strange, but working together is fun. When a group of campers leaves an area, three or four of us swoop in with rakes and trash bags and have the place cleaned up in minutes. It's pretty satisfying..

If you are interesting in sharing your experiences or photos of Chacala, or have questions for other people that have visited or live here, you can go to a blog called Friends of Chacala and participate in an open blog.

Or if you are interested in coming you can look at Chacala Budget Rentals, a blog that helps local landladies connect with English speaking renters. No cost to anyone.

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