Sunday, April 09, 2006

Semana Santa in Chacala

Well, I guess this is the official first day of Semana Santa in Chacala in 2006. This is actually my fourth Semana Santa here, because my first three week visit, in ignorance, was during Semana Santa. Luckily I didn't realize there was anything unusual, because the only other time I was here was four months earlier, a couple of weeks after Hurricane Kenna. Which was also kind of atypical for Chacala.

Anyway the weather is perfect. People started pouring into Esparanza's in droves at about 7am. There were already three families camping here starting Friday, and four more arrived today, plus tons and tons of day trippers. Esparanza spends the day collecting fees for the showers and toilets and from campers, while Marco and Kinca, two of her sons, brought truckload after truckload of water for the showers and toilets. They pumped the water into a tank in the back of a pickup and then pumped into the tanks at the house. The water is from the laguna. Where and what ever that is.

This is actually Palm Sunday. I don't think they have Mass here but they do in Las Varas. The priest comes to Chacala on Thursday, usually, and for weddings, deaths, baptisms, first communions, etc.

Anyway. So far I am loving this year's Semana Santa. Lots of families and kids putting up tents and cooking and playing and swimming and talking and visiting. After I finish this post I am going to go walk around town and see what's up. And check in at Chico's and visit with them.
And buy some drinking water and maybe get Frank's store to pop some popcorn for me. It's my latest favorite food. I have never eaten microwaved popcorn before, and I was addicted to it the first time I ate it. I'm only half kidding.

I am not sure who is around town as far as English speaking tourists go. I saw one couple heading toward Mar de Jade this afternoon. Maybe I will see some in town. The regulars are are around I know (total of six or seven) plus whoever is at Mar de Jade, plus one couple who will be heading out soon. All the gringo motor homes are gone I think, and there were three sailing boats in the harbor this morning.

I am having such a nice day, hanging out with E, drawing with the kids, writing, drawing in my tent, reading, picking up trash, having lunch with my new neighbors, from Guadalajara, swimming, and helping E. make new signs for the restrooms, etc. I love the family life around me. Happy people, relaxed and enjoying each other, the kids, the food, and the sunshine. And the ocean too.

Earlier this year I made a big red sign for this camping area out of a deflated air mattress I found on the beachone morning and some bamboo. I noticed it was taken down a couple of days ago. But yesterday E and her six year old son asked for some permenanat marker pens so she could make a new sign by writing on the back of the old sign. It turned out pretty good. Then Carlos, the boy, and I made another colorful sign for their little candy/treats/shampoo/duritos shop. On a cardtable in the shade. Turned out pretty good. I made the actually sign and outlined the letters and Carlos filled in the colors.

Chacala is definitely not a "party" town and I hope is stays that way. This is a family vacation town, with kids and grandparents and no craziness. I really hope it stays that way. So far no motos or jets on the water today. Trash truck came by twice. Looking good.

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