Friday, April 21, 2006

Quieter Days in Chacala

Well, it's interesting to me that the camping visitors to Chacala for this week after Easter seem to be much different than the campers that were here the week before Easter. Quieter, cleaner (actually bringing their own trash bags and using them), and more aware/sensitive to their impact here. Like asking were the trash goes, etc.

Much quieter in the evening, although one of the "disco" is still playing full blast to an empty house. At least empty at 9pm. Maybe it fills up later, but last week it was empty at midnight too.

The trash pickup seems to have slowed down, but they are still coming around every other day or so. On monday about 20 Chacala people, i think the Scholarship kids and the cuesto owners, picked up alot of trash. Plus other people are out collecting trash, and things look pretty good, considering.

First moto's were on the beach during Semana Santa where on the beach this morning. At least the first ones I noticed. I didn't feel like bugging the first moto this morning but the second one was making loops. So I walked out to the beach and flagged him down, and asked the driver if he knew it was illegal to drive on the beach. I also mentioned (this is true and has already happened) the police will confiscate your moto if you don't have plates for it. I was feeling sort of bad about hassling him. particularly since he didn't have plates and he looked freaked. Then, as I watching him drive away, someone else flagged him down. I watched him talk and then when the moto drove off I went over to the person as asked him what was up. The man said he told the guy to get off the beach. I was really happy. I was feeling like I was the only person asking people to stay off the beach in their noisy little machines. Especially when there are 30 jillion little kids all over the beach.

It's been fun to meet some on the nice families camping here. Today I helped a family put up their new tent. It was their first tent ever and they were really struggling with it. We had a great time putting it up. It was a very large tent. The biggest family type tent I have seen.

I am hoping I will be moving back out to the beachfront in a couple of days. We'll see.

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