Thursday, April 13, 2006

Semana Santa Chacala Part 3

Well, my (ridiculous) dreams of a quiet family Semana Santa in Chacala haven't come true. There are TWO discos going from dark til 2am. REALLY REALLY REALLY LOUD and very few customers. One with no customers at 9pm, 10pm, ot 12:30am. Plus the Kokobongo kids are going nuts with their microphone off and on all evening. It's the loudest miscrophone I ever heard. Plus the jetskis were out in force today.

People tell me Thursday thru Easter Sunday in Chacala are the worse of it. We'll see. I have never seen so many examples of stupidity or thoughtlessness in my life. It is amazing. The most disgusting is people changing babies diapers where they eat, and then continuing to eat with the dirty diaper practicially on their lap. And then, of course, walking off and leaving it there. And the men walking off to the side of the road, not just to urinate, but to have bowel movements. All over the place. It's just amazing. There are toilets set up everywhere but they cost between 20 and 50 cents. Too much, I guess, for some people.

The strangest thing today was the dueling buses. There is a long-standing arrangement that during Semana Santa the Chacala beach road becomes one way going south. To enter Chacala you stay on the paved road until the first left hand turn (the one after the beach turnoff). And police enforce this traffic pattern with barricades and personnel. Today a bus drove right into the one-way road going the wrong way. Wouldn't stop for the police or the blockade and just drove in. I was riding into Chacala from the Crucero with some local people and we saw it happening.

The bus driver had just passed us on the curvy road from the Chacala Crucero, probably going more that 50 MPH. We kept going on the paved and I got out at Aurora's and walked down the hill to the beach road. As I walked south on the beach road (hundreds and hundred of people) (and all the vehicles, buses, water trucks, coke trucks, beer trucks, taxis, etc were all going south) and here comes the crazy bus. And there is a total, complete traffic jam. A huge mess. Finally the bus driver backed up to the road into Delphin's motor home camping area and things got better. I watched from Dona Lupe's restaurant. It was pathetic.

Every camping family in Chacala seems to require electric lights this year. And TV's and stereos and god knows what. The CFE (the federal electric company) was out at the various houses on the road to MardeJade/Majahua today and yesterday, beefing up the electrical system to handle the new load. There have been intermittent and brief power outages off and on for the past couple of days. I hope my fridge makes it through this. Three days to go. I kind of like it that the electric company just rose to the occasion and provided the power as needed. At least that's how it looks to me. I never really know what's going on around here, but it's to make a guess.

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