Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Chacala Gossip Central

Not really gossip central, but I do have one new piece of "info".

The remodeling of the restaurant across from the Joker tienda, the one that has been empty for quite awhile, is moving ahead. My understanding is that it was bought by a friend of the people from San Diego who bought the restaurant just south of Las Brisas last year and turned into into a house for themselves. They visit occasionally and test drive their jet skis.
They had a caretaker for awhile, but not lately.

Anyway, the new owner (I think) of this restaurant across from the Joker market, who has a wife who is from Mexico, has been working with a crowd of people doing some remodeling. Someone told me they have left town as of today and will be back sometime. I briefly met the new owner and can't remember his name, but he was looking over his new lot. The one between Laura Sura's and the Marina Chacala version of the Berlin Wall. He said he was just having worker's keeping the weeds down, and won't be building for year or two. At least I think that's what he said. Twice people have mentioned that they think he is opening a "disco". I don't know what other people think of when they hear the word "disco" but I think of loud music late at night. Oh well.

It seems as though people from the US and Canada are heading back to Chacala early this year. I think six or seven people have emailed me they are expecting to be in Chacala mid to late November.

Work on the new big (15 unit) hotel on the paved road seems to be stalled at the moment.
Have seen only a few workers lately and not many changes. But maybe most of the work is on the inside now.

Weather is getting more comfortable. Night are cooler and day are not so humid. Lots of mosquitoes, etc at the hour around dusk, which is maybe 5-6pm now. Flowers are still in high bloom , but the green is kind of fading and the lack of rain is starting to show.

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