Thursday, November 10, 2005

Washing Clothes in Chacala/Las Varas

Yesterday was one of those days for me. A nice day when everthing seems to be in sync. Well, almost everything. My moving is still in limbo while the screens get installed, gas hooked up, etc etc.

I can't figure out how to wash sheets and towels by hand (like I do my other laundry) so every three weeks I take three weeks worth of sheets and towels in Las Varas to the lavenderia.

Yesterday I walked down the driveway to the road with my two laundry bags, and a neighbor drove by a moment later and took me right to lavanderia, which is called Lulu's Seco Facil, (or Easy Dry). Walked back to the middle of town, and as I was walking by the post office the mailman saw me walk by and came runnning out to tell me I had a little package. Very nice. Didn't expect anything so I wouldn't have stopped there.

Went to the fabric store where they sell oilcloth for table tops and got two pieces for my new place. Somehow it was half-price day and I got a meter of each pattern for 26 pesos total (about $2.20USD). A meter is about 40 inches. I was happy with the colors and happy with the price.

Got a large watermelon for 10 pesos (90 cents) and a pineapple for 10 pesos also. Walked around the corner and there was another neighbor's truck. So I visited with Mrya and her 1 year old Fernanda at the Myra's father's shoe store. Myra is married to Chico's youngest son, Moula (nicknamed that because he loves money and wants to be rich) and she works at Chico's several days a week. After we visited for a couple minutes my neighbor walked up and I got a ride home. Very nice.

Spent the day struggling with the final details of my moving to Laura Sura's, which is not going well. I finally reached the point of frustration where I again realized I have no control over what anyone else is doing and was able to kind of relax and take a deep breath instead of screaming with frustration. I wouldn't have really screamed, but I felt like it for a minute.

Anyway, went over to a nieghbor's and hung out and relaxed. Until I had been here for a year or so I never realized how much of the idle conversation around here is about sex. Some older women in particular seem to love making jokes about sex. Went home and kept packing up, not knowing where I would be moving to. Went down to Gora's and Concha's to ask them if they had openings for a couple of rental reservations for early December. They did.

Stood by the side of the road talking to Guillermo and Lupe (owners of the little white hotel, Casa Chacala, and very fun to talk with). I was hoping for a ride into LV to get my laundry, and was thinking the collectivo driver was asleep somewhere, when a pickup pulled up and the driver offered me a ride. He was the landscaping architect I had met on the bus last year and he remembered me and stopped. He gave me a ride right to the laundry and we had a nice visit. He was originally from DF and had a big lanscaping company with his brothers in Portland Oregon but came back to Mexico to start a similiar business down here. Spoke some English and wanted to practice. Fun ride.

When I got to the lavanderia my stuff was still in the dryer, but I had a book (getting better at expecting to wait) so I sat down to read. The owner, Lulu, went next door to her house and gave me an ice-cold coke. When she saw it was dark by the time she folded my stuff and packed it in plastic wrap, she started asking how I was getting home. I said I was trying to catch the collectivo and was going to run because the last run is about 5:30. I started off and a minute later she pulled up beside me in her truck and drove me 6 blocks to the collectivo stop. Just made it.

Mixed day with the moving stuff, but mostly pretty nice. When I got home I cooked some little pizza's on boleto's (little french rolls) in the oven. I won't have an oven when I move, so I am enjoying the one at this house every chance I get.

Also, almost forgot. The new place being built on the downhill side of the paved road now has two stories. The third story is going to be a terrace and swimming p;ool. I am having a hard time picturing it but I guess it's true. The water came out of the town line this morning (amazing that any water came at all) but it was chocolate brown colored so I am watering plants with it.

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