Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Almost Moved to Dona Lupe's

My landlord hasn't made it to Chacala yet, and I am almost totally moved out of his place. But I won't have a phone line at Dona Lupe's so I'm going still hanging aound here during the day, cleaning and computing. I just can't stand to cut my umbilical cord (the phone line to my laptop).

Some news.

The blonde guy who is working on the restaurant across from Juan's tienda (the little market at the only corner on the beach road) is really going gung-ho. The workers were digging a huge ditch along the road in front of it this afternooon. God knows what they were doing. Someone told me in Spanish but I didn't get it. There seems to be very little enthusiasm among the local people for the project, but the two or three gringo males around town seem to be hanging around there most of the time.

Leo, of Koko Bongos restaurant, wants to sell a lot behind Posada Kenna for 49,000USD. Its 14M by 30M and may or may not be on the flood plain back there. I think I have the location right.

The office/two unit rental, maybe with swimming pool, that's across the street from Concha's Techo is now painted bright yellow with nice wood trim. The cover to the septic tank is almost finished. The rentals each have two beds in them. Don't know who owns the place. Just know the builder and his crew. Juan did the painting and he did a great job.

There was a little water committee meeting at the newish restaurant last night. I think its a neat place to have a meeting because there all no walls, just a roof and anyone can stand and listen without making the commitment of opening a door, etc. This afternoon there was a bigger meeting, with a bunch of officials from Compostella, the "county" seat, and including some State people from tourism. But mostly it was about the water situation here (as in lack of water). Trini sort of drug me into the meeting . We sat in back and whispered about her new websites we are doing for her Spanish lessons and some other things. I could actually understand some of what the speakers said, but they talked so quietly it was hard to hear. I felt funny being in the meeting, but a number of people nodded and smiled so I guess it was okay to be there. Who knows.

Tourist activity around town is starting to heat up. Saw three different rental cars cruising town today, one with surfboards on the roof. Another one was some friendly Canadians heading to San Blas (God knows why, when they could be in Chacala. I guess they didn't see it that way).

Weather is nice. Hot, low 90's but not humid. And I am sitting at the computer under an electric light and not one bug has attacked me in two hours. That is a major change from three weeks ago. Full moon and great sunsets.

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