Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Aurora Still Has a Couple of Vancancies

If you are thinking of coming down this winter, Aurora has some openings left for both her kitchen units. One of her downstairs room has a new basic kitchen added to its covered patio. The door to that unit has been moved so that the bathroom has an inside entrance to the bedroom.

The other downstairs room now has a new patio roof and a new cement floor.

The upstairs unit with a covered patio and kitchen and excellent view is still my favorite, but the new kitchen patio downstairs is great.

This is my favorite rental place in Chacala. Close to the beach and stores, but very clean, quiet and private. Never any water, trash, or bug problems. No dogs or chickens. And the family is wonderful, friendly and helpful. And Beto takes visitors out in his boat for reasonable prices.

Just a plug for my favorite family.

Concha also has some openings. She also runs a nice place, clean and pleasant with a nice family.

You can make reservations by emailing Andee at or look at Chacala Budget Rentals for more information.

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